A BIBLE QUIZ for Jehovah’s witnesses!



               How good is your bible knowledge and your powers of observation?

                    Test your selves now! WHAT IS WRONG IN THIS PICTURE?

yes 6                                   Can you spot the errors in this picture?

Mark chapter 14v17-25 says: <<while they were eating their supper, Jesus took the bread>>

Matthew chapter 26v20-25 says: << and as they were eating >>

Just two of the gospel accounts which shows the last supper with Jesus. “While they were eating!”

Have you spotted the 1st deliberate error?

Yes! There is NO FOOD ON THE TABLE, so, where is the food they were eating?

Ah! Maybe the picture is not very good! What about this one?


           NO! I still cannot see the apostles enjoying much food, can you?

What about the 2nd deliberate error? Can you spot that? Yes! Of course, Judas is missing in both pictures, I think JWs have “shunned him” but, did Jesus?

No! He certainly did not, he never judged him but treated him with compassion. All 4 gospel accounts shows Judas was present at that last supper with Jesus and the apostles, and he was given the bread and the wine from Jesus.

Check these out!

Matthew chapter 26v20-25 He sat at table “with the 12”

Mark chapter 14v17-25 “Jesus came with the 12”

Luke chapter 22v14-24 “the one that betrays me is at table with me”

John chapter 13v1~30 (v2, v18-20) proves Judas was present and ate the bread Jesus gave him. “Jesus bread”.

These details needs to be known if you are thinking of joining JWs on this night.

5fcb3c28949b6a1de8e7bda606588e9fJehovah’s witnesses have placed this on the internet just as they did last year, inviting people to join them on this very special, important night of the year, but, what they do not tell you is: ~ you would NOT be allowed to share in this remembrance gathering and eat of the bread and drink of the wine. Even though they quote, Luke 22v19, “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.”

If you should attend with JW’s on this special occasion, you will be told only certain ones may partake, only the “worthy” ones. Those who believe they are chosen to be of the anointed class, having holy spirit, but of course this is totally wrong.

As we have seen in the 4 gospels, Judas was present at that last supper and he was given the bread, which represented Jesus living body to eat, but we know he was guilty of betraying him, but Jesus did not judge him, he left that for his father. Proving, that even if Judas was given the bread and the wine from Jesus, so too, everyone in the world should eat it also. Jesus instructed everyone to do this in>>>> “REMEMBRANCE OF THE NIGHT JESUS WAS BETRAYED”. So by sharing in this table of bread and the wine it shows we remember that night! But it is also important which bread is offered, unleavened lifeless bread or the real body of out lord, the “living bread” that came down from heaven in order to give eternal life. JOHN CHAPTER 6.


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