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Jehovah’s witnesses LAW from the governing body on “SHUNNING” people who have left their religion WILL BE SHUNNED!

Do they realise just how childish and stupid this law actually is? It reminds us of when we were small children who broke friends with someone, and ignored them, saying, you are not my friend, so I am not talking to you anymore. That is how children behave, not grown adults!

 In fact I would like to add here what happened when I told “my JW friend” I was going to disassociate from JW’s, because I found things wrong, she said; please don’t do that! I will not be “allowed” to talk to you again! And that was back in 2005.

The governing body CANNOT understand or teach any bible standard because, by their own admission, they are NOT INSPIRED as with HOLY SPIRIT, nor INFALLIBLE which they would be IF they had God’s Holy Spirit. (S/W. FEB 2018)


Our heavenly Father have opened the eyes of many, many people that were with JW’s and revealed the truth of his word to them, by giving them this insight into his word he has provided them with Holy Spirit, not only to see, but to understand the truth also.

Lots of JW’s say, where else can we go? My answer to them is simple, why do you have to go anywhere to worship God. All the ones that have been brought out have been shown Holy spirit to see and understand bible’s truths, this is much better than being taught lies in a religion that disgusts our heavenly father. He tells us in Revelation chapter 18v4 to “get out from among them MY people”, so by getting out from among them would he NOT take care of you?

Most importantly of all is the fact that, to call ourselves Christians, we need to follow his example in all things, becoming “footstep followers of him”. Which brings us to the law of “SHUNNING” ones who disagree with JWs.

So what better place to start in following Jesus example than at the coming “memorial” remembering the night he was betrayed by Judas?

JW’s have declared Judas was NOT present at this last supper with Jesus and his apostles, so he certainly would not have shared under the new covenant and ate from the “living bread” that came down from heaven which will provide eternal life for those who put faith in him. (John chapter 6) They teach Jesus had already cast him aside, and in effect, “SHUNNED HIM”, but, is this true?


Take a look at the truth from the bible which holds the key to being true Christians, footstep followers of the Christ.

What about Judas was he present at this very important time? Yes! He was, according to all the evidence written in God’s word the bible, all four gospels shows that he was present that last supper with Jesus and his apostles..

 John chapter 13v1-30 v1 shows it was before the Passover and it is interesting here in this account because John makes the difference between the “feast” and the supper they were eating. During supper as Matt, Luke and even Mark showed ~ this supper was not the “feast of the Passover” meal. (v2) The events of that supper shows the apostles thought Jesus was telling Judas to buy food for the “feast” proving it was still future. (v21-31 and v26-29) As the account shows this supper took place a few days prior to the Passover feast and this was when Judas went to the chief priests in order to betray Jesus and take them to the garden where Jesus went afterwards.

Mark 14v1-13 says the same except v 17 where it confirms Jesus with the 12 and v 20 also confirms there were 12 present. The blood poured out for many was the promise one would have eternal life through faith in him, and NOT as JWs teach, ones who will rule with him. Judas certainly would NOT be one that will rule with Jesus yet he was given the living bread.

Luke 22v1-7 again shows the Passover was near ~ Judas went to the chief priests in order to betray him (v 3, 7) and v 19 says it should be done in “remembrance” of him ~ it is a reminder of what Jesus did for us that is why we partake in the eating of the bread, which symbolizes Jesus Christ.

So in all these accounts Judas was present when Jesus passed the bread proving everyone should eat of this living bread if they have faith in Jesus and for the forgiveness of their sins on the basis of sacrifice. JWs own law states “at the mouth of two or three witnesses let the matter stand”. Here, all 4 gospels says Judas was present.

Jesus certainly did not condemn Judas neither did he shun him, but treated him with love at all times. What will you do on this night of March 31st 2018, will you remember out lord and eat of the living bread and drink the wine in his memory? Or will you be like JWs who pass it to the next person, saying, I do not want to remember what Jesus did for me, I do not want forgiveness for my sins, my loyalty goes to the governing body instead who teach, we must not eat it.



This is one such article I found on the internet recently, proving there is no excuse for being ignorant of the bible’s teachings.  


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