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It is very interesting to note, I can never, ever, remember a referendum being made from all the citizens of spiritual Zion, Jerusalem, to the affect that the governing body had permission to “destroy their house of God” the Bethel, in New York, which had served spiritual food to the citizens of Jerusalem for over 100 years.

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As the prophesies show in the revelations given to the apostle John, in chapter 17, the wild beast that is over the great city (the spiritual city of Zion, God’s city) will have it planted in the hearts of the ten horns to destroy and devastate the great city that became classed as a harlot in 1931 when she joined herself to another husbandly owner instead of the Christ. The ten horns also becoming the 7th head under the “self-appointed” FDS guided by the governing body.

What we are also reminded of is this: ~ When our lord gave his last breath upon the cross, the inner curtain inside the temple of Jerusalem was rent in two, symbolising, the Holy Spirit’s exit from the temple and the city of Jerusalem, they would no longer be God’s people. (Matthew chapter 27v51)

So too, with the governing body, the ten horns of the beast, by destroying the temple, the house of God, the Bethel in NY, that had been used to dispense spiritual food for the city dwellers of God, disposing of it and by selling it to foreigners, that are not God’s people, resembles ancient Jerusalem today, where the “Dome of the Rock” stands on the ruins of where God’s temple stood. Now under the nations. 


The governing body have TAKEN all the money from these prime properties in order to build a city for their “fictitious god Jehovah” the King of Babylon, (Revelation chapter 13) in Warwick NY. Thus building “his city” and kingdom, with the proceeds “taken” from God’s city Zion. But the citizen’s of the city of Zion are equally guilty because they are referred to in the revelations given to the apostle John as now being “the great city herself, the greater BABYLON”.

 It is also of interest to note. in the early Towers of Zion, references are made about this great city that becomes a harlot and is called “the great Babylon” and it identifies this city as God’s city, the spiritual city of Zion in the last days. Please read this article yourselves for conformation. ZION’S TOWER, JANUARY 1881, THE DAY OF VISITATION. Even Charles Russell had the insight to understand who the “harlot” was.

Many people have the wrong view-point about Charles Russell because of JW’s and their weird apostate teachings but, Russell was NOT responsible for any of these. After his death, Joseph Rutherford took over the city and changed almost ALL Russell’s teachings and formed his OWN SECT, Jehovah’s witnesses against Russell’s teachings.

Yes!Russell got things wrong but he was sincere in trying to help people to understand the bible. By reading Zion’s Towers you can see just how far JW’s have strayed from Russell’s teachings, such as their stand on “conscientious objectors”. Zion’s Tower 1st August 1898 in question from readers it says: ~ “Notice that there is no command in the scriptures against military service”. (quote) 

But, just as the ancient city of Babel under Nimrod was destroyed, so too, this city of the greater Babel will be destroyed also. Many people especially JW’s believe the ancient city came to an end because Nimrod was building a tower for worship with its top into the heavens, but, this was not the only reason they were going against God, which is  mentioned in Genesis chapter 11v1-10 

It was the fact, that Nimrod was building “a city” that was wrong! When everyone was instructed to “multiply and fill the earth” but Nimrod was building a city to keep everyone together in one place possibly building a wall surrounding it. 

So too, with Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, he was used by God to capture Jerusalem, and take his people to Babylon, and that city of Babylon was later destroyed too. But, even Nebuchadnezzar did not rob the temple riches in 586 BC to build up his kingdom, although Belshazzar, his successor did indeed drink from the cups that had been taken from the temple. Daniel chapter 5v2,3.

BABYLONA wonderful prophecy concerning Babylon can be found in Jeremiah chapter 51, well worth reading.

This speaks volumes for the NEW SPIRITUAL BABYLON that is depicted in Daniel chapter 2v44. The head of gold will be destroyed when the stone smashes the feet of the image. The ancient city of Babylon was destroyed as it states in Jeremiah chapter 51 because Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, destroyed God’s temple, just as the governing body and their people have done today, by destroying God’s temple, his house, the “BETHEL” that has been used for over 100 years to dispense spiritual food for God’s people.–j_88Lc38  

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