24909671_2438698929709892_6357037762341542337_n   Jehovah’s witnesses false teachings! part one.

The governing body’s ruling of at least TWO WITNESS BEARERS against someone before the matter is heard, please GB TAKE NOTE!
Witness ONE. Daniel chapter 9v24-27 says: ~
“The people of the prince to come will destroy the sanctuary (temple) and the city”. The “prince to come” is Jehovah whom Satan planted inside the sanctuary (temple) proclaiming to be God, and “his people” primarily are the governing body. 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.

Witness TWO. Revelation chapter 17 shows: ~
The ten horns of the beast with seven heads that carry the great city, the harlot, will HATE the great city, (spiritual Zion’s Watch Tower city, who became the harlot in 1931) to destroy and devastate her by striping her naked because God will put it into their hearts to carry out his plans.

The PROOF being, the TWO witness bearers against the governing body are in fact true, the governing body has indeed destroyed the great city’s wealth by selling off all her prime properties, including “Brooklyn Heights”, “Dumbo Hotel”, and other “Dumbo properties”, “124,107,97,25-30 all properties in Columbia Heights” making her naked leaving her with nothing and using all her wealth to build a NEW CITY for themselves and the beast, the king of Babylon, Jehovah. A NEW CITY OF BABEL at Warwick, New York with no reminders of the “Watchtower” left, now called, “THE WORLD HEADQUARTERS OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES.”


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