harlot dead          THE END OF AN ERA. AMEN, SO BE IT!


watchtowe 6

watchtower 7All the evidence points to the fact that the watchtower society now known as Jehovah’s witnesses is “THE HARLOT” that rides upon the beast with the seven heads and ten horns.

Mother-of-harlotsThe seven heads are the seven heads of rulers or presidents that have been over the city starting with the beast’s head of authority, Jehovah. The beast represents Jehovah’s kingdom.

The ten horns represents the “GOVERNING BODY” who along with the beast destroys the harlot, the city now belonging to Jehovah. They will have this planted inside their hearts by our heavenly father. Revelation chapter 17v16,17 says: ~ “And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot, who is “the watchtower bible and tract society”, they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled”.

13419253_1787944561439299_1885299748838580824_nHow will the governing body do this? It is quite possible they will not want to lose credibility or face, for themselves, but they will, by their teachings, get the nations and governments to destroy her instead taking the responsibility from them. They will also sell of the cities assets making her devastated. Just as they have sold the city’s Bethel off alongside other great financial properties in New York.

watchtower 2In 2000 they appointed the 6th head of the beast, Don Adams, but not as a full spiritual head, because the GB claim he is not one of the anointed ones, but he will act as a helper to the governing body. Then in the June of 2009 they issued a statement in the watchtower saying that they, the governing body, were “THE FDS” and only they, would be responsible for feeding the city spiritually. After preaching for 100 years the anointed ones were appointed as the FDS they have now changed this teaching. Thus making themselves the 7th head of the beast using the FDS title.

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Now with the full power needed to destroy the city they become allies with the beast, Jehovah, to start their work upon her to devastate and destroy her totally, burn her with fire, not literally but symbolically, destroying her spiritual status when something in placed in the fire it is totally destroyed never to appear ever again.

The governing body make silly laws that paedophiles need to have 2 witnesses see their actions BEFORE they take action against them, consequently, the city becomes a haven for them paedophiles. They also make it law that people MUST SHUN even family members who leave the city. The city is made “naked and devastated, everyone will hate her because of her teachings on the”2 witnesses law” which means they must see the paedophile abuse children, and their law on “shunning family members” not counting their law on the “no blood policy” which are all totally false and the nations and the governments will want to destroy her, by eating up her fleshly parts.

10-Kings-Destroying-Mystery-BabylonAs the 7th head of authority, the governing body start to sell all the city’s properties off and downsizing the city, and as the 7th head is now ruled by the FDS the food distribution is cut down and eventually the lack of food will cause the people to starve, undernourished they will die spiritually. (Matthew chapter 24v45)

watchtower 1For two years, 2018-2019 the public watchtower will only be printed 3 times each year and then reviewed. It could mark the end of “THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY” also known as “THE WATCHTOWER ORGANISATION”. With all the financial assets gained from the sale of her properties, even the destruction of their “Bethel” which had served them for over 100 years distributing spiritual food, Bethel means “house of God” which they sold off, and with all the proceeds the governing body builds a NEW city of BABEL for the beast, Jehovah to inhabit alongside the governing bod y and his witnesses.

As if the people of the city have not even noticed yet, the governing body’s NEW WEB SITE DOES NOT CONTAIN THE WORD “WATCHTOWER” it is They have already dispensed with the name and have distanced themselves totally already from the “watchtower society” ready for her destruction. Their NEW CITY IS CALLED “THE HEADQUARTERS OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES” they have destroyed the harlot which was “the watchtower bible and tract society of Pennsylvania”

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