Mother-of-harlots     REVELATION CHAPTER 17 

The bible prophecies are like a giant jigsaw puzzle and where you have maybe two or three prophecies that interlock and overlap each other, then, they must all fit together to form a the greater picture otherwise, the interpretations are wrong.

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Animals are depicted in Daniel to represent “kingdoms” as chapter 2 shows, and this image in Revelation chapter 17 pictures a great beast which a woman is riding is for the “last days” when the kingdom of God is being set up, (V44) it seems logical then, that the beast shown in Revelation chapter 17 also represents a kingdom, but, as Babylon is long gone, this image depicts spiritual kingdoms, (religious kingdoms) as the image shows, Babylon being the head of gold.

The kingdom of God is NOT a “POLITICAL KINGDOM” but a religious kingdom a “SPIRITUAL KINGDOM”. The whole of the revelations given to John are addressed to “the 7 churches” 7 depicts heavenly, or, of the spirit, and as they are addressed to the church, they are not political but religious in nature.

There is a great deal of interest about the identity of this beast and the harlot that rides on his back. For instance, the majority of people feel it is a political beast,but they also feel the harlot is a religious city on the earth today. 

It is interesting to know, Jehovah’s witnesses preach and teach this beast was “The League of Nations”, changing to “the United Nations” and as a political organisation it  will destroy the whole of religion on the earth today especially the Catholic Church, which they teach symbolises the harlot. Yes! this is a ridiculous assumption when one considers many of the nations involved in the United Nations are Christians. Also the name of JWs god, Jehovah, was invented by the Catholic church which they do not like to be reminded of. So, in reality, they are predicting the destruction of the very group of religious people that gave breath to their god Jehovah.1001061229_E_sub_lgNote the feet of this image, JWs teach this image represents political powers, kingdoms, but in actual fact, the image depicts the spiritual, religious powers of these kingdoms, that has been over God’s people Israel from the time they were handed over to serve under “the nations” from 605 BC. Babylon started out as a religious city under Nimrod which was called “BABEL” meaning confusion, they built a tower high into the heavens for worship and the kingdoms shown in this image also represents the religious powers that have been over God’s people since 605 BC.

God’s kingdom of Judah was a spiritual kingdom, a religious kingdom, and handing them over to the nations meant they would no longer be under God’s kingdom, they will come under the nations as a punishment, under their gods instead. We know from the history recorded in the bible, Nebuchadnezzar was a very religious man. 

When Israel was taken captive under Babylon, the theme was all about worship, and because Daniel worshipped his God instead of the God of the Babylonian people, he was put into the lions den. Also when Nebuchadnezzar placed a golden statue, he ordered everyone   to bow down to it, but when Daniel and his three companions refused they were placed in the fiery furnace. So, it was the religious aspects that God’s people came under, and this image is representing “RELIGIOUS POWERS” and not political.

It is very interesting too, that since the city of God’s people were again handed over to serve the prince of Babylon, Jehovah, in 1931, they too have built a tower for worship, and they too demand that everyone worship it, by obeying the teachings.


As for the ten toes of the image, after the Roman Empire became supreme over God’s people under Constantine, the people were divided over religion so in order to unify his kingdom, he formed the “Council of Nicaea” in order to unite everyone into ONE religion, forming the “Roman Catholic church” which became the dominant religion, and which reigned supreme over everyone for a time, but as the church spoke in Latin, it eventually divided up into break-a-way groups, such a C of E, Methodists, etc, forming the ten toes. Also chapter 2 shows they will not be sticking to each other, this is true, they have different teachings and thoughts. So God’s people will come under the toes of the image which represents ALL the different religious groups, which includes ALL the religions of the world.

What is interesting too, is the fact that none of the Christian groups on the earth in the latter days could represent the symbolic spiritual city of  Zion, Jerusalem, today, because they all have a founder over them which divides them into groups, such as, C of E was formed by Henry 8th and now comes under the queen of England. Roman Catholics come under the Pope as their head, Mormons come under Joseph Smith as their founder just to illustrate this point. But, when Zion’s Tower was being built up, the people were called “bible students” under the Christ, and when questions flooded in asking Charles Russell what name did they go by, he answered “we have no name” that divides us from other Christians, certainly NOT JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. The founder of Jehovah’s witnesses was Joseph Rutherford.

This beast, having 7 heads indicates a spiritual ruling power that will strive alongside and unite its power to serving this great city that is depicted as a harlot in the eyes of God. The 10 horns indicates it will also an earthly power which also belongs to the city. 

The cities that our great God has used in the past, became unfaithful and were called “harlots”, Judah and Samaria, only the cities of our God has been classed in this way, so logically speaking, this great city too in the last days will be a city used by our great God to represent his people in the last days from among all the other Christian religions.images (1)Take a look into Ezekiel with me and see the resemblance of the punishment handed out to God’s people and the harlot in the revelations. 

  Ezekiel chapter 23v4 “The older one was named Oholah, which stands for Samaria; the younger one was Oholibah, which stands for Jerusalem. They became my wives and gave birth to my children. 14 But Oholibah behaved worse than her sister. 32 I, the Lord God, gave your sister a large, deep cup filled with my anger. And when you drink from that cup, you will be mocked and insulted. You will end up drunk and devastated, because that cup is filled with horror and ruin. But you must drink every drop! Then smash the cup to pieces and use them to cut your breasts in sorrow. I, the Lord God, have spoken.You have completely rejected me, and so I promise that you will be punished for the disgusting things you did as a prostitute. Ezekiel, son of man, it’s time for you to tell Oholah and Oholibah that they are guilty. Remind them of their evil ways! They have been unfaithful by worshiping idols, and they have committed murder by sacrificing my own children as offerings to idols. They came into my temple that same day, and that made it unfit as a place to worship me”.

But which people make up this spiritual city today? Which represents this great city where our lord was crucified, spiritual JERUSALEM?

The city started out as the symbolic city of spiritual Zion, Jerusalem, and was registered in 1884 as the “Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania” which was to be built up in the last days in order to gather the remaining kingdom seed before the return of our Lord. (1519-2009 = 490 years according to Daniels prophecy in chapter 9)

images (8)But, the city committed adultery and fornication, by changing their husbandly owner from Jesus to Jehovah in 1931, making herself a harlot in God’s eyes just like her two older sisters, Judah and Samaria.

In this journal I wrote two articles explaining about the kingdom that will be used by our God in the last days.

After reading these two articles it will be easier to follow in our research in identifying these people and how the people became classed as a harlot and what is to happen to her

As we know already from this journal the name “Jehovah” is a man-made name invented by a Spanish monk in the 13th century as a “Latin substitute word for lord” and since that time, the Pope has instructed that the name NOT TO BE USED in any of their worship. In other words it has fulfilled the purpose intended.  

 The beast pictured in the Revelations chapter 17 to the apostle John shows what the spiritual city would be like in the last days. It is referring to God’s city that became a harlot once again. 

queen 1So, this religious drama of a beast this represents the “kingdom of Jehovah”, the prince of Babylon, which we shall prove was formed in 1931 when the symbolic spiritual city of Zion, Jerusalem, became corrupt after the death of Charles Russell in 1916 and the city that was still being built up, was handed over to serve the prince of Babylon, for 70 years as in the parallel to 605 BC, not Nebuchadnezzar this time but Jehovah, who is also the man of lawlessness Paul tells us about in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and whom Satan places inside the city temple proclaiming to be God.


                            He will use 7 heads of power over his kingdom.

The ten horns represent the governing body. The number 10 represents and earthly group of rulers who assume authority and takes over the ruler-ship performing a “spiritual coup” they will become the 7th head of the beast.

They will assist the beast by giving him their full support.                 

These ten horns which have not been given royal power will not act until the very end when they will receive instructions from God to devastate the city, the harlot. Revelation chapter 18

This drama shows it is about the “judgement of the harlot” the great city, meaning her end. Also it gives us a time as to when the drama is about to start her final end, in verse 10, which shows the beast is on the 6th head of power which indicates she is close to being destroyed with just ONE HEAD OF POWER TO GO!

“The harlot” represents the great city, “The Watchtower bible and tract society of Pennsylvania” that was handed over to the prince of Babylon in 1931 when the city changed their owner from the Christ to Jehovah, they will come under him for 70 years, 1931-2001 He was placed inside the temple of the city by Satan, as recorded in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, again, proving they are the only religious city that takes his name upon themselves and worships Jehovah as God.

The messiah will visit the temple in 2001 at the end of their captivity to inspect the kingdom seed, those who partake of the bread and wine, where the angels do a separating work, of the sheep and the goats and will remove the sheep from the city, which has now been freed from captivity for a short time, the messiah now pictures the greater Cyrus, in a parallel to ancient Babylon when Cyrus released a remnant of the captives of Israel in 538 BC when only a remnant return to Jerusalem. They will be taught the truth in their hearts, released and taken back to spiritual Zion, Jerusalem, where they will be cared for.

 It shows in verse 14 the ten horns, which represent the governing body, will make war upon the lamb and those with him which have been “chosen and faithful” between 2001 to 2005 then the prince of Babylon is brought back by Satan as the king of Babylon, the eighth head of the beast. (Revelation chapter 13) He will once again be over the unfaithful city for 42 months.

This proves once again the governing body are NOT CHOSEN by the lamb nor are they faithful to him, the lamb will conquer them.


He will not visit the city in general so they will not know of his inspection visit. (Revelation chapter 11, also, just as the days of Noah were, life continued as normal, the city knew not of the inspection visit)

Satan is now very angry by the release of the city from Babylon, in 2001 allowing the kingdom seed, a remnant to be collected together to be set free from captivity of the spiritual city and in his anger he wages war with Michael and his angels in the earth’s heavens.

After losing this war Satan is hurled down to the earth with his angels in a debased condition where in his great anger knowing he has a short time left, he brings back the lawless one Jehovah whom the people still believe is God, and he promotes him and gives him all his kingdom and authority over the earth, making him the “KING OF BABYLON” HEAD OF GOLD AS Daniel shows in chapter 2v44. (Rev 13)

This king of Babylon, Jehovah, will be the “eighth” head, but it belongs to the seven heads meaning he will be over the spiritual city once again to instigate the harlot’s removal. Which is explained as, “the beast is, and is not, in verse 11, then the beast “IS again after Satan brings him back, so the beast is again, thus shown in Revelations chapter 13.

The prince of Babylon was under restraints until 2001 because the city was still gathering the remaining kingdom seed, then, after he was brought back by Satan 3 ½ years later in 2005 with all his kingdom, he became the King of Babylon, head of gold, with full power under no restrictions for the last 42 months, 3 ½ years which completes the prophecy of Daniel 9. (This also fits together the prophecies, Daniel chapter 9 by the end of the building work 2001 the messiah will be here, and the end of the captivity of 70 years from 1931-2001 in spiritual Babylon) Showing 2001 was a significant year for the kingdom seed of our lord. This was the year he revealed himself to his intended bride in order to make her ready for his return.

When this drama was depicted as being on its 6th head, the ten horns had not started to reign but when they do, they will rule for only a very short time, they will give their power to the beast and they will make the harlot devastated and naked because God will put it into their hearts to destroy her. revelation chapter 18.

The seven heads are: ~ the spiritual leaders that have been over the city which the harlot, is guided by. She is happy to be taken wherever the leaders lead her. The seven mountains are the spiritual teachers and presidential leaders who are high above everyone else and guides the city, and whom the beast Jehovah uses. Obviously the principle head belongs to the beast. All the heads are the presidents of the “watchtower bible and tract society of Pennsylvania” the city.

images (5)The ten horns represent “the governing body” 10 being an earthly number for ones NOT authorised to reign. These are the ones that will rule for a very short time at the end to devastate the city, the harlot, and make her naked.

watchtower 2They do this by taking all the cities properties, selling them all off and making her naked and devastated. The city will be stripped naked by the governing body, who teaches their strict stance of their “TWO WITNESS POLICY” on child abuse, the city will face many court cases causing her pain and damages. Stripped of all her wealth and royal status, she will be burned up, totally destroyed.

The governing body made themselves rulers (PERFORMING A SPIRITUAL COUP) over the city as the 7th head, in 2009 printing this in the watchtower June of that year, “they stated, were the FDS and not the anointed ones whom they had taught for over 100 years and they became allies to the beast in order to destroy the city totally. Thus placing the time period of the fulfilment of this spiritual drama as starting around 2000 CE 

The “6th head at this time, appointed to replace M. Henschel was D.A. Adams who took office from 2000-2014. Although he was appointed as president he was not classed as an anointed one, a spiritual head, but he was classed as a “helper to the governing body” which shows the governing body was now already over the great city.

He was succeeded by Ciranko who again became a helper to the governing body.

The governing body, from 2000, started to make a great many changes during the 6th head of the beast even dividing the city into subsidiaries, and they also dividing the city from “watchtower bible and tract society of Pennsylvania which these heads represented but they also invented and appointing presidents for the “watchtower bible and tract society of New York” in 2000 with the appointment of Larson as president then after him succeeded by Leon Weaver and it was also from 2000 the governing body set about the start of the destruction of the city who by now was a fully made harlot and they have also started to strip her naked of her wealth and they will leave her devastated.QUEEN

The study watchtower of June 15th 2009 finally admitted they, the GB are the faithful and discreet slave. I quote, “the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses”. These so called spirit-anointed men oversee the Kingdom work and the spiritual feeding program. By 2009 it shows the governing body is the 7th head.



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