In the model prayer Jesus taught his people, saying, “pray then this way” Our father who art in the heavens, let your kingdom come, (over us on the earth) and let your will take place on the earth as it does in the high heavens, over your own household. (Matthew chapter 6v10) This was in answer to the request of his apostles, “show us how to pray”. Note! Jesus says pray “this way” it was the way to pray, a guide or a model to work from as to how to pray. The apostles asked him, “teach us how to pray” and not tell us what to pray.

 Okay I have worded it a little differently to give it more understanding and as Jesus says in verse 7, “do not say the same things over again in prayer, reciting the same words but give your prayer meaning as coming from your heart”. He did not intend to have his recorded words recited as a prayer to be repeated over and over again, as the churches teach but he was giving the gist of “how” to pray and what to pray for.

 A prayer is a conversation between us and our heavenly father and if a prayer comes from our heart we cannot really recite someone else’s prayer because it will not be our prayer.

 Just as when Jesus prayed, “give us today our daily bread”, on reciting these words, do you know and understand what this “daily bread” is and what it means? If you do not fully understand what they mean and you recite them, then your prayer becomes meaningless to you and to our God.

 Of course Jesus was not talking about the physical food that sustains us, he was referring to the “spiritual bread”, which is taking in knowledge of our father and the one he sent forth Jesus Christ as recorded for us in John chapter 6 where he refers to himself as the “living bread” that came down from heaven and anyone eating of this “living bread”, which is represented by the body of our lord, will attain eternal life. So the daily bread Jesus was referring to in his model prayer was a full daily supply of spiritual food.

In fact Jesus expands on this point even further in that same chapter of John while talking to the Jews he stated, they all ate the manna (bread) in the wilderness but they still all died, but all who eat from the living bread (Jesus Christ) will live. It is also of interest to note that what is referred to “as the lord’s prayer” taken from Matthew chapter 6 and used in talking to our heavenly father, does NOT include the words “for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever AMEN” these words have been added by church leaders, so anyone reciting the whole prayer is not just reciting Jesus words but also the added words by the church leaders. 

 God’s kingdom was and still is very important to Jesus in fact he wanted this kingdom so badly over the earth that Satan, knowing of his strong desires was said to offer Jesus all the kingdoms over the earth if he worshipped him, so why will God’s kingdom be so different for us on the earth? Peter refers to it as “a new heavens” which in turn will produce a “new earth”. (2nd peter chapter 3v13)

 So what did Peter mean by a “new heaven’s and a new earth”? A new heaven’s indicates that the old heavens will be done away with and replaced with a new one. Let God’s holy spirit light up his word to us. 

images (9)It will be a completely different set up from what we have had over the past 6 thousand years, this “new heavens” will have “one king ruling over the whole of the earth” and not multiple rulers over different areas as shown in the book of Daniel chapter 10. So how did this old set up come about in the first place?

 It goes back to the beautiful garden home that our lord provided for our first parents when he created everything perfect and placed them in the garden home. The tenancy agreement had just one stipulation, not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. It seemed such a simple request. But one of our lord’s heavenly brothers, the one that became Satan, was an envious and jealous person who wanted to take over and do things his way instead. 

 The spirit sons already had knowledge of good and bad, so it was inexcusable that he should be devious and seduce the woman into disobeying her husband Adam and to eat off the tree. (Genesis chapter 3v22-24)

 Satan may have made the comment, why molly-coddle these people giving them all these wonderful provisions, how do you know they really appreciate them? Put them to the test. I could make a better ruler over them if you let me test them, I will prove to you that I could get them to sin.

 He had the knack of knowing the thoughts of the hearts of the human family even from the beginning, he knew Eve wondered what it would be like to know and understand everything just like their creator, and this is just what Satan used, he told Eve, she would be “just like God knowing good and bad” and that was why he did not want her to eat from that tree. With the temptation laid, he just waited for it to take root and the sin would take place.

 This was the same ploy Satan used throughout history, even with the temptation of Jesus by offering him his heart’s desire, ALL the kingdoms over the earth. James chapter 1v14 explains this more fully. “Everyone is drawn out and tested, or entised, by their own desires, when fulfilled, it produces sin”. Showing each and everyone one that make up the body of our lord will be tested in this way by our own individual desires.

 Another one of Satan’s conquests was Peter, he loved our lord Jesus so much he said he was even prepared to die for him and that he would never desert him. (Mark 14v31) But in Luke chapter 22v33,34. Jesus says that Peter will deny him three times before the cock crows in the morning. This fear of man was planted in Peter’s heart by Satan. Just as Satan entered into Judas to betray Jesus recorded for us is Luke chapter 22v3. Satan knew of Judas’s love of money and wealth and he used this desire to be given money by the scribes to betray Jesus.

 Which brings us to Jesus words to his apostles in Luke chapter 22v31 “Satan had demanded to sift you all as to wheat”. Again showing all those who make up the body of our lord Jesus will be severely tested by Satan using our own individual desires. This may seem a little unfair but when we remember all those that make up the first resurrection will all have been tried and tested beforehand, and are granted eternal life and once that had been given, this gift, it will not be taken away. Again, some may feel why should Satan be allowed to demand to tempt them, if their names have already been written down in heaven they have already been chosen by God to assist his son.

 Of course this too goes back to the garden of Eden where Satan was made the “overlord” of the earth for those six days. (6 thousand years) In fact Jesus expands on this by saying in John chapter 14v30 “the ruler of this world is coming and he has no hold on me”. Yes! Satan cannot “sift Jesus as to wheat” because Jesus was not the earthly product of the human family of flesh and blood but his life was transferred into the womb of Mary, which was used to incubate the life. So technically speaking Jesus was not a part of the human race of Mankind that had been handed over to Satan and this was why when Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms over the earth, Jesus did not say, “they do not belong to you to give” because Jesus knew Satan had been given the rulership.

 Satan also knew that Jesus would end up as the king and ruler over the whole of the earthly kingdom, so he was saying in effect, why bother waiting another two thousand years to achieve your desire when you can have it all now. I will give you all these kingdoms if you do one act of worship to me. Again proving the present set up over the earth as having multiple kingdoms over different people just as Daniel chapter 10 shows.

 It was after their sinning against our lord, that our heavenly father may have granted Satan power of attorney over the earth for six days to see what he could do, six days being 6,000 years (2nd Peter 3v8) as Satan had boasted he could make a better job than our lord, our heavenly father may have said, okay I grant you power over the earth, lets see what you can do, then for the seventh day, the Sabbath, the earth will return back to our lord.

 We have seen just what Satan have achieved during his reign, he has ruined the earth and we have never had peace on the earth. He has totally changed the face of man, in fact, how can we ever achieve peace when even the angels ruling us in the earth’s heavens war against each other. (Daniel chapters 10 and 11)

 The rebellion started with Satan, and soon spread to other sons of God coming to the earth and taking the daughters of humans to have offspring with them, which became known as Nephelim, sons made up by mixing the two life forms of spirit and flesh and blood. Our heavenly father stepped in and brought about a cleansing, causing a world-wide flood in which only a small number were saved. So, Satan was foiled from taking over the human creation and replacing them with his seed the Nephelim.

 Satan now uses a different ploy in order to destroy the flesh and blood creation from flourishing. He used the same tactics he used on Eve, and as the humans are now under him, he entered into Nimrod, who was Noah’s great grandson, and persuaded him to build a city to “keep all his people separate from the rest of the human race” this was actually going against our God, who instructed to spread out and fill the earth. (Genesis chapter 11v4-9) Our heavenly father stepped in once again and foiled Satan’s efforts and stopped the building work on the city to isolate and contain the people in one area, he confused the people by changing their languages so that they could not understand each other and the building work stopped.

 This was the start of segregating the people into different nations with different languages. Now Satan can offer his spirit brothers, kingdoms over the earth if they obey him. This is the set up we have been under for the past six thousand years, ruled over by the rebellious sons of God. Also, this is why a new heavens is needed, a new ruling system over the earth under one kingdom under our lord Jesus. It will take time to undo all Satan’s work but in time it will produce a new earth. He will unify the people into one people again with no language barriers or nationalities but one complete human creation.

 This will be a tremendous challenge for our lord to bring all the human population together under one king, one kingdom and the king’s consort, his wife.

 Replacing Satan’s kingdom of inherited sin and death for our lord’s kingdom of inherited eternal life.


                                                           From this: ~

                                                              To this: ~

                                           I know what I would prefer.

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