bible-21         THE BRIDE’S SONG.  PART 1.
                    Weddings are a special wonderful occasion.
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The first ones to know of a marriage are the intended “bride and groom”. If the groom has gone away for a period of time beforehand and is absent, he will have to get in touch with his intended bride, so that she can prepare herself for the great day of the wedding. She will need to know the time of his return in order to be ready. So, what about the intended bride of Jesus?

Will she have this foreknowledge of his return?
Yes! She would have to know when to be ready to leave with him. Did Jesus promise to provide her with this foreknowledge of his return?
Again the answer is YES he did. Jesus has been absent from this earth for nearly 2 thousand years, so for his intended bride to be ready she will need to have prior warning of his return. Has he done this?
Yes! He has. He promised his disciples in John chapter 14 v 3, “I will come again and take you to myself” after he had prepared a place for them. Note, he will come and take them. They were not to go to him when they die, but, he will come and take them when the number is complete. Also 1st Thessalonians chapter 4v15-18  shows, those who are still alive when he returns will be “caught up together” with them, with the resurrected ones, to be caught up may signify they may not have to die first.

Jesus gave a wonderful illustration before his departure in Matthew chapter 25v1-13 of the ten maidens. Here, he explains how the bridegroom will be gone so long the maidens will all fall asleep. But, at midnight the cry will go out “here comes the bridegroom! Come out to meet him”. Take a closer look at this illustration with me.

Note! TWO announcements are made. “Here comes the bridegroom” then “Come out to meet him”.
It shows all the maidens heard the first announcement “here comes the bridegroom” . This call went out in 2002 when the fulfilment of Rev 11 took place.

At this time the Messiah had been prophesied to be here on an inspection visit as “Elijah”, who was sent prior to the return of the Christ, to prepare his people just as John was sent as “Elijah” to prepare the way for the Christ in the first century. After revealing himself to the temple class, the two witnesses were sent to these ones to open their eyes spiritually speaking and to take them out of darkness to the glorious light of the truth. But sadly, not all wanted to check what the 2 witnesses were telling them and chose to ignore them, staying in the darkness of the city.

It shows all the maidens heard the cry (v7) “come out to meet him “ this call came 3 ½   years later, 2005, after the teachings of the two witnesses ended. They ended with the war in the earth’s heavens that Satan waged upon the angels even killing some of them. Rev 12.

Come out of where? Out of their home, out of the city, Yes!  They were told to “come out to meet him” he was not going to go inside the city to collect them but they were to come out in order to meet him. It shows, half of them had not listened to the angels directing them when their eyes had been opened for certain truths to get through, they decided to ignore the light being shown to them, preferring to stay in the city of darkness instead. By doing so, they did not accumulate any spiritual oil so when the call went out to leave the city they did not fully know what to do.

So now, they saw what was happening to those leaving the city and wanted the others to share the insight of the holy spirit with them. Consequently they were told to go and study yourselves then you will have enough oil for your lamps. (the lamp being the spiritual light of the person, Revelation chapter 18 v 23 not having enough oil symbolises they would be in a spiritual darkness) because they were not ready spiritually, they stayed inside the city of darkness, which means they were not at the place where they were told to be. 

While the obedient ones had gone out in search for their bridegroom, obeying the  call to leave the city, they would now need further spiritual instructions. This is when the prophesy of Jeremiah 31v31-34 takes hold which is also confirmed in Heb 8v8-12, 10v16, 17, and 1stJohn2v27 which says “but the anointing which you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that any one should teach you, as his anointing teaches you about everything and is true, and is no lie, just as it has taught you abide in him”. This anointing takes place after they leave the city of darkness and will remain with them until they are collected by their bridegroom.
More information can be found on the city of darkness in  my journals. and

It is also interesting to see in this illustration, the cry going out at mid-night while they were asleep and in darkness which indicates they would be in spiritual darkness when the cry goes out, that is why some had the oil and others didn’t, on awakening they would have to gather the oil and the lamps and take instruction as to where they will meet their bridegroom, which direction should they go. They were in a hurry to meet him after all this time they certainly did not want to hang around for the others to tag along half-heartedly.
Jesus also promised that his people would understand the illustrations in Mark chapter 4 v 33,34. So, has the cry gone out?
Yes! It has and the bride-class has awoken from her long sleep and they have left the city, their home and have travelled outside in order to wait for him.
                                                To be continued. 


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