bible-21      THE BRIDE IS NOW READY!  PART 2

She is shinning very brightly with insight and  holy spirit waiting for her bridegroom.898_900 (1)Mathew chapter 25 v 1-13. gives us a wonderful parable of the “ten girls or virgins” (GNB) which Jesus gave us in order to explain their position at the end just before his arrival.
The explanation being:-
At that time when the kingdom is being set up the ten girls (complete number of the bride-class still on the earth) at that time will look for their bridegroom. As the parable shows, “they all fell asleep waiting for him because he was a long time in coming.” So what caused them to fall asleep?

When the kingdom was being restored in the later part of the 1800s under Charles Russell (which we have already covered in this journal) he made several predictions as to the return of the son of man, Jesus, and to get ready for him. The bride at that time looked for him but, because he did not come when predicted, (many times) Charles Russell eventually predicted an invisible return in 1914, very clever as no one would have absolute proof of this return.)

 He also said when Jesus returned he would take his bride with him, this did not happen either, especially as there were still some claiming to be of the bride class still on the earth after 1914. Again sadly nothing happened to those who were waiting for his return, so just as Jesus predicted in the parable, they all fell asleep, they gave up. lost heart.

They were all tired and sleepy, they were no longer alert to his return. Verse 6 shows ” at midnight” the call went out “here comes the bridegroom! “come out and meet him“. So when did that call go out? Has it gone out yet?

The call went out in 2002, “here comes the bridegroom“. This was at the end of the building work of the symbolic spiritual city, which was prophesied in Dan 9v25-27 the 70 weeks of years, by which time the Messiah would be here.

The decree went out in 1519 to a man, William Tyndale, commissioning him to translate the bible into the English, language and this prophesy was divided into three parts.

1st 7×7=49 years, 1519+49=1568 to “restore” God’s word, making it accessible to everyone. (without God’s word the remaining kingdom seed would not be gathered and the whole of Christianity before this time was under the Church of Rome, where everything from the bible was taught in Latin) This part of the prophesy was fulfilled in 1568 true to form with the English “Bishop’s Bible” which was authorised to be read in the churches of England. Henry 8th, during the days of William Tyndale, abdicated from the Church of Rome and formed the Church of England so an English bible for the churches was needed.

2nd 62×7=434 years for the building work, this added to the 49 years to restore = 483 years. (1519 + 483 = 2002) Leaving just 7 years to complete the 70 weeks of years prophecy with the “harvesting of the kingdom seed” . (1519 + 490 = 2009)

3rd It is stated by the end of the building work the Messiah would be here for an inspection visit upon the temple worshippers. (2002) He will be joined by the two angelic witnesses of Rev 11 who will open their eyes spiritually speaking and teach the truth to them to prepare them to leave the city. So again, logically speaking, by the end of the building work, all the kingdom seed will have been gathered into the city ready for the return of our lord. 

The second call “come out to meet him” went out 3 ½ years later in 2005, this was the time for the true kingdom seed to leave the city as the war amongst the angels took place (Rev 12) and the city would be handed over to the last ruler appointed by Satan for 42 months, 3 ½ years. Rev 13. This completes the prophesy in Daniel 9. (2005-2009)

The prophesy also states the 70 weeks of years to “the anointing of a holy one” so, in 2009 our lord Jesus became the anointed king over the heavens and the earth, until this time, he is referred to as “Messiah the prince” in Daniel 9.

2009 is marked as a significant year, it marks the end of the prophesy in Daniel, the symbolic city, the end of the angelic rulers and the start of the kingdom of our lord. More especially, it marks the start of the great tribulation upon God’s own household, the angels, who will be gathered together to war against our lord at the place called Armageddon. When the last angelic ruler’s reign comes to an end in 2009, he will gather all the angelic princes and kingly rulers to the place called “Armageddon” where they will fight for the sovereignty of the earth and its heavens. Needless to say, they will all lose their lives and this last angelic ruler, the king of Babylon,  alongside the false prophet will be put in the fiery furnace.(Rev 16v12-21) never to appear again.

Did all this take place?
Yes! It certainly did, right down to the last detail. Not only did the year 1568 fit the prophecy with the authorisation of the “Bishop’s Bible” to be read in all the churches of England but the date can also be verified by checking the records of partakers during 2000 and 2005. (2002-8,760 and 2005-8524) When the Messiah, as Elijah, made his inspection visit upon the temple seed, the records show the partakers went up by 99, this indicates that some were visited and it was made known to them, they should have been partaking, so, between the years of 2002 and 2005 there was a great drop of 236 partakers before going right back up again under the angelic king of Babylon. In fact the number was even greater than 236 because many took the emblems in 2005 and left the city AFTER the memorial.

This dramatic drop in partakers, accounts for the kingdom heirs that were taken out of the city before the city was handed over to the king of Babylon, (Rev 13) which means all   those who remained in the city will have the mark of ownership of the last ruler, upon them and none of them would be of the true seed of the kingdom. Again, this only covers those who were in the symbolic city at that time, (Judah) this figure does not take account of those who were in the breakaway group of bible students who remained under Charles Russell’s teachings, as spiritual Israel. (which we have covered in this journal) So again the number is not fully up to date. The new covenant is said to be with the house of Judah and the house of Israel. So once again they will be re-united as one group of kingdom heirs, one body. 

It is at this time, after, the faithful ones had been removed   to a place of safety (2005) a new covenant was made with the house of Judah and the house of Israel but this new covenant is made with “spiritual Judah and Israel. Under this “new covenant” with their God, he will write his laws upon their hearts and teach them through his holy spirit directly into their hearts. They will now resemble the apostle Paul who was taught in the same way. No more will they need to be taught by man. They have now been anointed and are awaiting their bridegroom to come to take them.(Jeremiah 31v31-33, Hebrews 8v8-12, 10v16,17, and 1st John 2v27)

I would like to draw your attention to the actual prophesy in Jeremiah where it states “this new covenant will be between both the house of Judah and the house of Israel“. This indicates the 12 tribes of Israel will be divided again at the end just as they were after Solomon. The two tribes represented by Judah worshipped in the city of Jerusalem and the ten tribes, the larger, worshipped in Samaria. On becoming “Christians” they were all brought back together under the Christ, all twelve tribes. So this is interesting to see spiritual Israel prophesied to be divided again into two groups later to be brought back together again as one group under the Christ.

Has this taken place? Yes! it certainly has.
After the death of Charles Russell, when Joseph Rutherford took over the building work, spiritual Israel divided into two groups once again, the house of Judah stayed in the symbolic city of Jerusalem under Rutherford becoming eventually Jehovah’s witnesses in 1931, and the larger group worshipped in symbolic Samaria, they remained “bible students” and they kept the teachings of Charles Russell and the “Zion’s Watch Tower” teachings.  They divided for the same reasons as before not wanting to be ruled by Solomon’s king, only this time Rutherford. Both groups are world-wide. What is very interesting about these groups is: ~ they are the only religious ones worshipping Jehovah as their god. Jehovah is in fact the man of lawlessness mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2. and placed inside the temple for worship by Satan and because the people will not listen and get saved, God will let them continue believing in the lie, that he is god. 

For more information of this division,  look in my journal.

This prophesy in Jeremiah indicates, the kingdom seed will be in both groups. The house of Judah and the house of Israel and our God will teach both groups in their hearts his laws and they will know him.
This is really a wonderful insight our God has given us. 

Yes! It was in 2002 when the 1st call was issued.
“Here comes the bridegroom“. That was the time (“midnight”) when in fulfilment to Revelation chapter 11 the two witnesses (anointed angels) were sent to the temple and those who worshipped there, (they only went to the “temple ones, anointed ones, fine seed” not to others in the courtyards outside the temple who were in Jerusalem because as this chapter shows, the rest of the city, will be under the nations, and they will trample on the city for 3 ½ years whilst under the last ruler) these two angelic ones would reveal to them who the man of lawlessness is, (Jehovah, the angelic one who is sitting inside the temple claiming to be God) (2nd Thessalonians chapter 2) and they would re-awaken them as to the imminent return of the bridegroom.

This will take 3 ½ years, but, because some of them would not believe the angelic witnesses about the identity of the man of lawlessness, even though our God had instructed them all through the “Aid to bible understanding book pages 884/5 that the name Jehovah was a made-up name in the 13th century, they refused to listen, so they remained in darkness just as 2nd Thes 2v8-12 shows. Some said, if the kingdom seed continued reading and learning from the bible instead of the watchtower they would be disfellowshipped for apostasy.

This is what happened to someone I know.
She was in the city, and they were teaching, the apostles were in heaven looking down upon us after having a resurrection, but, she knew this was not right according to 1st Thessalonians 4v13-18, which shows all who make up this first resurrection will meet the lord “all together” as one body, one bride not at separate times, these will also include those who are still alive at that time. So when she showed this to a ministerial servant he said yes! He agreed with this but, we are not to run ahead of the holy spirit and we have to wait until it comes out in the watchtower and she was not allowed to show this to anyone because she would be disfellowshipped for apostasy. Going against the watchtower’s teachings. She asked him if it bothered him knowing the watchtower’s teachings were wrong, he answered, not at all, in fact many had said, where else would we go?
Why not go to God’s word the bible where the apostle Paul had the holy spirit when he sent the letter to the Thessalonians.

The Messiah then made his inspection visit to the temple class just as “Elijah” was sent before him to prepare the way of our Lord, just as it shows in Malachi chapter 3 v 1 and 4 v 5. The time when our Lord will come to his temple.

The parable shows they all awoke and heard them but, because they were not spiritually alert, they did not take too much notice of what they were being shown, and they would only take instructions from the “watchtower” and felt it was wrong to question it, so only those who were alert to the teachings of those 2 anointed angels listened, and took action. They fled symbolic Jerusalem, which has been proven to be “the watchtower society” “Jehovah’s witnesses” and they disassociated themselves totally from them.

This is backed up fully by Jesus other parable in Matthew chapter 13 v 24-43. Note verse 25, “one night when everyone was asleep an enemy sowed weeds amongst the fine seed. Jesus explains the parable to his chosen ones, his apostles in verse 36 onwards.

The good seed is sown by him, Jesus, to those that will make up the future kingdom but it also shows it being sown throughout the world, meaning this fine seed will be world-wide, again it shows that while these ones are sleeping Satan sows his weeds amongst them so that now, the good kingdom seed will have weeds growing with them until the harvest time of 2002-2005. when Jesus sends his angels to separate them and to gather the fine seed. This parable is again referring to this time right now. 

The kingdom seed started to be sown at the time of Charles Russell, but, because he wrongly tried to predict Jesus return, the fine seed, anointed ones at that time fell asleep. This was the time for Satan to sow his weeds among them and they have been growing side by side since that time and since 1931 under the man of lawlessness the angelic prince Jehovah.

The harvest is now 2002-2005 and the angels under Jesus have reaped the fine seed and they have been placed outside symbolic Jerusalem, safely under divine protection until their bridegroom comes for them. As for the weeds, these are the “five” who did not have oil (holy spirit) for their lamps and so they remained in darkness inside the city, they eventually will make up the “bride for the angelic king of Babylon” and becomes the “queen of heavens” and just like Nimrod’s mother, who was known for her head coverings of “towers”. (Rev 13) he was given all Satan’s kingdom and authority over the earth, and the city was classed a harlot just like her older sisters Judah and Samaria. The harlot will be destroyed shortly.

This also confirms Jesus words in Matthew chapter 24 v 37-41 where he says, “one will be taken and one will be left.” It will be like this when the son of man comes.

They are now awaiting the return of their bridegroom and they have a wonderful supply of oil (holy spirit) having this written on their hearts. They have been informed through that spirit the time now is close for his return and they are now prepared and waiting. Just as the prophet Jeremiah said in chapter 31v31 and 1st John 2v27, Heb 8v2-11, 10v16, and 1st John 2v27. The anointing will teach you everything you need to know. They are now under the NEW COVENANT with their God and he will write all things upon their hearts, they WILL KNOW HIM.

One point of interest to consider is: ~
As the call goes out at mid-night, this signifies the end of one day and the beginning of another, this could also indicates the ending of the 6th day and the beginning of the 7th day, being the Sabbath under Jesus and the beginning of his reign of the 1,000 years. Matthew chapter 12 v 8. 2nd Peter chapter 3 v 8.

If you read the next article “THE BRIDE’S SONG!” you will learn more of these ones, and whether you too might be alert to his return.




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