To understand this article “understanding the arrangement of things” a little background info might help the reader to understand the subject more fully.

Genesis chapter 12v1-10 shows how our Lord appeared to Abraham and told him in v7 “to your descendants I will give this land” and for the next few chapters it shows the wonderful relationship between them.

Abraham’s wife was barren so she gave her Egyptian maid-servant to her husband to have children for her which seems to have been the practice back then, and she had a son which was called Ishmael. Although this son was blessed by being the father of 12 great princes the inheritance promised to Abraham’s seed would not come through him. (17v20) Chapter 17v15-22 shows the blessings from God will only come through Abraham’s son Isaac who had not even been conceived at that time.

After Isaac had been born, and through his early years until he was weaned, Sarah did not like the way Ishmael was behaving towards her son Isaac so she asked Abraham to send them away. Before this took place, Abraham was instructed to circumcise all the males in his household and his son Isaac was circumcised when he was eight days old, and this included Ishmael who was in his family too. So Ishmael had an understanding of his father’s beliefs about there being just one God and the command to circumcise all the males, he took this teaching with him. Hagar took an Egyptian wife for her son Ishmael and his descendants became the wealthy nations of the Arabs. Whereas Isaac’s descendants became the Israelite’s God’s chosen people whom he called “his son”. Hosea chapter 11v1. Thus proving again the blessings from God will only came through Isaac, his descendants being called God’s earthly son.

Abraham loved his son Isaac very much and his love and faith was tested to the limit when he was asked to sacrifice his son upon an altar. His love and trust in his God was such that he knew even if he sacrificed his son in this way there would be a very good reason behind God’s request to sacrifice Isaac, especially as he had been promised that the blessings would come through his seed Isaac. Chapter 22v9-23. He was willing to have his faith tested.

Isaac was in agreement with this request too and allowed his father to bind him and place him on the altar but before the killing took place Abraham was stopped from carrying it out when our lord provided a lamb to be sacrificed  instead.  download (1)After the death of Sarah, Abraham took another wife called “Ketu’rah” and had 6 more sons but he gave gifts to them before he died and sent them away from inheriting any of the promised blessings away from Isaac. Chapter 25v1-9. Which brings us to this little drama.

AN ORACLE.   (which means a drama)

Abraham becomes our earthly father who mirrors our heavenly father.

Abraham has two prominent sons out of all the sons born to him that became rivals, Ishmael and Isaac, just as our heavenly father has two prominent sons who are rivals too, the angel that became Satan and our lord who created the paradise home.

But the promise of blessing will only come through one of the sons, Isaac, and one of our heavenly father’s sons our lord.

Abraham became the father to the Israelites through his son Isaac, and our heavenly father became the father to all the Christians through his son Jesus.

Abraham was willing to show his love for his heavenly father by sacrificing his only son Isaac, with the consent of Isaac who allowed his father to bind him, and our heavenly father will sacrifice his only son Jesus also with his consent too. Whereas Abraham was stopped from sacrificing his son after proving his faith, the death of Jesus continued as the sacrificial lamb of God and he was rewarded for offering himself and was resurrected back to the heavenly life he had enjoyed before, next to his father.                                                          

                                               Thus ending the oracle.

Jesus Christ came to the earth in the 1st century as God’s chosen one the messiah, to lay claim to the earth as God’s anointed king for his coming kingdom over the earth. He rode into Jerusalem, which was God’s holy city on the earth and claimed his right to the kingdom of Judah. Matthew chapter 2v1-4 John chapter 12v12-17.

He only came to God’s chosen nation the Israelites, as the first-fruits to the kingdom, but as they rejected him, he opened up the blessings to everyone else at the end of the seven years of grace allowed for the Israelites.. Then in 36 CE the nation of Israel came to an end as God’s chosen people when the first Gentiles were invited to share in the blessing. As Jesus said to them “your house is abandoned to you” recorded in Matthew chapter 23v38 and Luke chapter 13v35. So from the 1st century, everyone was invited to share in the kingdom blessing through the death of Jesus and to take on his name “Christians”.

But, as Christians began spreading around the earth, it seemed that our lord was taking the lead in the earthly stakes, it was now time for Jesus rival the angel who became Satan to come onto the scene, he instigated a religious nation to spring up from the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham. A prophet was sent to them who was called “Muhammad” who professed to being led to certain secret books and he formed the religion “Islam”.

This took place in the 7th century, that the prophet came to the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs, as Muhammad and he was said to find books dating back to Abraham.. So now Christians had a rival for God’s kingdom. They referred to God as Allah in Arabic and they have refused to believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and that the kingdom will come through him.

They have their own religious book called “THE KORAN” whereas the Christians have “THE BIBLE”, and they have become rivals just like the sons of Abraham were, between Ishmael and Isaac. Now, Moslim’s vs Christians.  Bible-vs-Koran-600x450Although the Christians are very tolerant and allowed the Moslem’s to live amongst them, some of the Moslems became radicalised and have tried to dominate all Moslems. They have tried to take over the whole of the world through tyranny, killing many who do not accept them. They call themselves I.S which stands for Islamic state.  The majority of Moslems are peaceful law abiding people who keep themselves to themselves but they have all been tainted because of this small minority. Many others have joined with this group to persecute Jews and Christians just like they have done with Jerusalem. Where they have taken over Jerusalem and have built a grand mosque on the site of the old Jewish temple, and they object very strongly to others visiting Jerusalem to worship there. As we can see from these pictures, they are showing Jerusalem now belongs to them. Abusing the Jewish men that go to worship there and restricting their worship by holding up their holy book the Koran. You can see the hatred upon their faces and the policeman just watching them and just laughing. 

 Slowly and gradually these converts to Islam have built up Moslem communities in cities around the Christian world. Building their own places of worship, mosques, and having their own schools and areas where they have gathered, but they do not integrate with the peoples whose lands they have chosen to live in. When the bombings took place in France and Belgium for instance some of the Moslem community shielded the bombers from the police and where people had left candles and flowers to remember those who had been killed, some of the Moslem people trampled over them all to tear up the Israeli flag and hide it under the Moslem flag and as we can see they were not stopped by any of the bystanders in fact if you look more closely you can see the bystanders in these pictures are  moslem’s.


They are taunting the Christians into fighting just as Ishmael did to Isaac in Abraham’s household. But, as the angel told Abraham, Ishmael will not inherit the blessing due to Isaac. It also need to be remembered at this time that both Ishmael and Isaac did not resent each other because Genesis shows they BOTH buried their father Abraham together. The first “crusades” was in 1099 CE, the Christians fought against the Moslem’s from taking Jerusalem. http://www.history.com/topics/crusades

Now it looks more than likely that a religious war has already started and is about to spread worldwide. This time a group of radicalised Moslems are trying to wipe out Christianity under the rival angel to Jesus. But they will not succeed. They are being guided by angelic forces from God’s own household, the angel who became Satan against our lord Jesus who started out as rivals in the garden of Eden.  

As it shows us in the revelations given to the apostle John in chapter 12v16 where it states that the dragon, Satan, sends out a flood upon God’s woman and her seed, the Christians, to wipe her away destroying them, but it also says, the earth comes to the rescue and contains the flood. Then if we take a look in the same book chapter 17v15 we see, this flood that Satan sends out is not a flood of water but a flood of people, his seed, the descendants of Ishmael, to outnumber the Christians of our lord, thus washing them all away, into oblivion.  

download-11We have the evidence of this where thousands of migrants have fled their own countries to flood over into Europe and from there, to travel on throughout the countries flooding the earth with non-Christians who are antichrists. (this term antichrist is not derogatory but just means people that do not worship our lord Jesus) This is the flood that the dragon Satan spewed out to destroy Christians, but as God’s word shows, the earth came to our rescue by means of  the authorities blocking their path and containing them all at the borders of the countries involved and not allowing them to flood into Europe to drown out Christianity thus drying up the flood. So although many Christians feel very sad for all these migrants and want to help them, they need also to remember that it is our God that is in fact helping Jesus people, Christians, around the earth by protecting us from being overpowered by non-Christians while we wait for out lord to return. Also the majority of these migrants are just scared and do not fully understand what is happening to them but there are a small number that will be used to cause havoc.

But before he returns, this battle will continue with the small group of radical Moslems trying to take over the Christian world, just as this article in the Daily Mail shows. The migrants are not just innocent homeless people they have been sent to Europe to accomplish Satan’s goal of wiping out Christianity as this next article in the Daily mail newspaper shows, when one of the rubber dinghy’s developed a leak, one of the “Christian” men on board, prayed to our God for help which inflamed the Moslem’s and they threw all the christian travellers overboard into the seas to drown. They cold bloodedly murdered 12 people for worshipping our lord Jesus and watched them all die in the seas around them, but ironically, all the others inside the dinghy were saved by Christians, the very ones they despise so much. Read the following article and be sickened to the core by these evil people who want to come into our countries. 


When our lord returns to collect his people as he has promised, then most probably he will send his angels to help these migrants to return to their own lands again because all the dangers will have passed and satan will have been placed in the abyss. They fled under angelic guidance from Satan who according to the prophecies, “spewed out of his mouth” instructions for them to flee their own lands out of fear of the unknown and they will be helped to return under angelic guidance through our lord who will remove the intense fear. So, although many people are thinking why is this happening? And why doesn’t God help them, the answer is simple really, as in any battle the victor cannot support and help both sides against each other, the victor in this case is on the side of his son Jesus and his people, protecting them from being drowned out by non christians just as he did by bringing about a flood to wipe out all the nephilim who under Satan, were taking over the natural creation of mankind, but, the time will come shortly that our lord Jesus will help   them  to return to their own lands, when Satan is removed and placed in the abyss.

None of this upheaval is God’s doing but Satan’s. It is the “great tribulation” that was  prophesied in God’s word that has spilled over onto the human family from the war that is taking place at the place called Armageddon,  between God’s own household, his spirit sons.

Of all the different religions throughout the world today only two are mentioned as being significant, Moslems and Christians. This is because they are the descendants of Abraham through his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. 

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