bible-21             BEWARE  OF  LOSING  FAITH!

As I have stated before in this journal I will only write the truth as I see it from the bible and if this journal offends you, I suggest you go to another web site if you are looking for answers that please instead of the truth. The old saying is, “the truth hurts”.

If you are familiar with this journal you can scroll down to my article, “ How will the tribulation affect us” in order to understand more fully the contents of this article.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or any group of Christians but my need to defend my heavenly father and our lord Jesus, and if this offends the readers of this journal, then I am sorry, but my love for the truth and for my father is greater than anyone else.

I wish to bring attention to the Pope’s visit to the migrants on the island of Lesbos, where he gave sanction to three families by taking them back to the Vatican City in Rome and offered them a home inside the Vatican city as his responsibility to care for them. This may seem a wonderful act of kindness on the outside, but in reality he has gone in the same way that Peter acted, who denied our lord Jesus three times in the 1st century.

Peter had a fear of man and Satan exploited his fear when he denied our lord Jesus three times, but, the Pope has also denied our lord “three times also”, by not keeping Christianity pure, and taking in his private plane, “three families” of migrants who do not believe in our lord Jesus as being sent by God as his son, “non-believers”, back to the sanctuary of the Vatican city to live. The bible says, people who do not believe our lord Jesus is God’s son is an “antichrist” antichrist’s are people who do not believe that Jesus is the son God, sent to the earth to change our future and will soon become the king over the earth.

The pope’s visit was all one big show laid on for the media, and all the pictures confirm this. It was all arranged beforehand who were chosen to go with the pope but as the media points out the people are non-Christians, so was the pope right to do this? To take, and place people of another religion and culture to a pre-dominantly Christian environment? Was this being disloyal to our Lord Jesus? Yes! It was. It was actually like contaminating the Christian faith with Baal. 

Especially as when Abraham was promised blessings from our lord that the blessing would come through his son and heir, he asked our lord “did he mean the blessings would come through his son Ishmael? At that time Abraham only had the one son. But he was told NO! the blessings would not come through Ishmael but through his son Isaac who had not even been conceived at that time.  When Isaac started to grow his mother Sarah noticed problems between the son of the slave woman, so she asked Abraham to separate the sons so that he would NOT inherit the blessings from her son Isaac. Genesis chapter 17 v 16-22. 18 v 9-16. 21 v 8-15. This describes God’s dealing with Abraham showing the blessing will only come through Isaac and NOT Ishmael. Now the pope have given sanction to the seed of Ishmael inside the house of Abraham once more. and taking them inside the hub of the Christian city, “the vatican city”. Thus being totally disloyal to our Lord. 

Let me explain, transport yourself back to the 1st century to the time our lord Jesus was on the earth, the Jews were the chosen people by God to prepare the way for his son the messiah to come to the earth. They were a very proud people to belong to God and in order to keep their nation separate and pure from the gentiles, the scribes and the Pharisees, did not allow Jerusalem, their holy city, to be infiltrated with non-believers. Even their own people the Samaritans were treated with disrespect and were not welcome in the city. In fact the Jews even persecuted the followers of Jesus, his apostles, and killing some of them.

In the book of Acts it shows how they killed Stephen by stoning him to death and laying his robes at the feet of Saul, who asked permission to collect all the followers of Jesus and imprison them or kill them. (Acts chapter 7v1-60,  8v1-4,  12v1-6). Thus showing God’s city of Jerusalem was sacred to them.

But now, two thousand years later, the rivalry between Satan and our lord Jesus is even more intense, as Satan’s time is now up and he is close to being placed in the abyss he makes one last attempt to flood the earth with his seed, the descendants of Ishmael, who descended from the Arabs, whom he formed in the 6th century under Muhammad, to try to wipe out the seed of our lord Jesus, Christians, by putting his thoughts into their minds to flood over into Europe where the aim was to outnumber the Christians and become the dominant seed on the earth. Revelation chapter 12v15-17. Wiping out Christianity and the Christ. 


Satan’s plans were thwarted when the earth came to their rescue, those of the nations he penetrated on the earth stopped them from travelling through to the other countries and swamping the Christian values.

As the seed of the non-Christians the descendants of the Arabs, the Moslem’s, flooded into Syria and the middle East prior to this time, they  started by taking possession of the Jewish capital, Jerusalem, building a mosque where the temple had stood. The Jews had been replaced. But now, as the Christians have descended from the Jews they made the “Vatican City” in Rome, their new headquarters, the city of Christianity and made it the home of the pope the head of the Church of Rome. The one place that Satan could not reach, to infiltrate, his take-over.

But, now at this time of his end, he has finally infiltrated the powerful city of the “Vatican” he can now end his days knowing he conquered the Christian stronghold, “The Vatican City Of Rome” with the help of the pope himself. Even though the Bible states Jesus words at Matthew chapter 12 v 30, “Those NOT on my side are AGAINST me”. So all pagans who are not on the side of Jesus and Christianity are against our lord Jesus and these are the very ones the pope has taken to the vatican city to live.

All the pictures show the visit had all been a publicity stunt and backed up by the Greek Orthodox church leaders and instead of the pope knowing and understanding God’s word the bible, and valuing our lord Jesus by keeping Christianity pure, he denied Jesus the right to keep christianity pure and clean, contaminating the vatican city with non-believers and he in turn then has a love affair with himself, promoting and making himself greater than our lord Jesus.

pope 1

pope 2


Even Jesus never behaved in a way that brought attention to himself and he did not openly bless people who were not believers in him or allowed people to worship him falsely just for privileges,  Jesus was a humble man. Even the angels do not expect praise as is stated in the revelations to John in chapter 19 v 10 also 22 v 9. Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God.” For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”.

The Vatican City has now been breached by Satan, whose seed,  the non- Christians, have now contaminated the seed of the woman, Christianity, he has reached his goal, the last stronghold The Vatican City, has been breached by the “trojan horse” the pope had taken into the “Vatican City” the seat of Christianity.

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