bible-21      IDENTIFYING THE SPIRITUAL CITY OF                                                        JERUSALEM IN THE LATTER DAYS!

I have stated in this journal that our heavenly father will use just one religious group on the earth in the latter days to gather all the remaining kingdom heirs, those that make up the body of our lord, his bride, his church, which will be built up upon him as the chief corner stone, and his apostles as the 12 foundations stones. He is a God of order after all.

Just as he used only one religious group, the Israelites, to prepare the way for the coming of the messiah in the first century with the city of their God being Jerusalem, so it is logical to assume he will use just one religious group in the latter days to gather the remaining kingdom seed together and to prepare them for the second coming of the messiah.

But, this time, it will be the “restoring and building” of a NEW spiritual city which was started in the 1st century with the apostles and a new people under the Christ made up of both Jews and Gentiles making them both one new people Christians. (Acts chapter 11v26)

So, which religious group today is built upon Daniel chapter 9v24-27 the “newly restored spiritual city of Jerusalem”?

There are guidelines to help us for instance: ~

1st.       People will be guided to the New Jerusalem through a preaching work just like the apostles did.

2nd.   There would be an education program in place to teach people God’s word to replace the scribes who taught God’s word such as mentioned in Matthew chapter 13v47-52 “therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old”.Yes! Trained for the kingdom, not during the kingdom after it has been set up, but trained to teach for the coming kingdom. Matthew shows scribes will be trained for this teaching work through the holy spirit they will use the old teachings and new teachings that the holy spirit reveals to them for the building up of a spiritual temple of our lord.

images (1)We know the prophecy will start with a decree from our father to “restore, then build” a spiritual city, the call went out in 1519 CE (the restoring for 7 weeks-49- years) and then the building work will start around 1568 and continue until 2002 CE (483 years) leaving just seven years to complete the prophecy (this will be expanded on later) and as we know the people and the teachings in ancient Jerusalem changed over the years because the scribes and the Pharisees added many laws to their written laws, so too, the new spiritual Jerusalem will change over the years too because of the apostates that will take over the city, and they too will add many laws.

It has also been prophesied that the new spiritual city would become corrupt just like the ancient city of Jerusalem, and the “light of the truth” will turn to darkness so that all those inside the city will be blinded by Satan to the truth of God’s word in the latter days.

We also know the new spiritual city will have no boundary walls it will be world-wide just as Zechariah’s first two chapters show. “Jerusalem will be inhabited as villages without walls, because of the multitude of men and cattle in it for I will be to her a wall”. (Verses 4,5) This also explains how the city will have no fence around it, without a   name of identification, this too will be explained later.

But we are told in Isaiah chapter 11v10-13 “He will raise an ensign for the nations and will assemble the outcasts of Israel”. This promise for an ensign to guide ones to spiritual Israel is something to look for to help us. The ensign could not be the “cross” because all Christians have the cross, so it would be something different but recognisable also. 

In the 19th century many new religious groups were springing up in the USA some of these fitted the requirements, preachers, education programs etc. out of all these groups one stands out by their literature “ZION’S WATCH TOWER” heralding Christ’s presence with mankind. Note the cross of our lord with a crown as representing the kingdom of Jesus Christ.8551_900Zion being a name for Jerusalem, heavenly or spiritual Jerusalem.  Romans chapter 11v26 says “the deliverer will come from Zion”,   Matthew chapter 21v5 “tell the daughters of Zion behold your king is coming to you”.  Hebrews chapter 12v22 says “but you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living god, the heavenly Jerusalem”.  Zion stands for heavenly Jerusalem. True! Jerusalem also had watch towers around the walls of the city which guarded the people inside and as this picture shows the light is pointing us to Zion the holy city.

I believe this was the “ensign” predicted to guide us to Zion’s spiritual city of Jerusalem.

This religious group became legal in 1884 as Zion’s Watch Tower and herald of Christ’s presence. The people were called “Bible students”. The one taking the lead in the building work at that time was Charles Russell. He sent out preachers and a study program was set up to help people prepare for the coming of the messiah. .

He was a humble man and he was not a man who dominated all the teaching work himself, because he encouraged others to make contributions to the teaching program. He believed that others also had Holy Spirit and could help with the teaching. Some of his teachings at that time were very sound compared to the bible’s teachings but of course he was also swayed at times to learn from others about the return of our lord and became sidetracked. You can read any of these articles in Zion’s Towers by going into Zion’s WT 1879-1914. pdf open in – adobe Reader.

It is of interest when I mentioned my thoughts on this group as being the spiritual Jerusalem for the latter days in my opinion, their reaction was, “no way” because Russell got a lot of things wrong. Also our lord’s adversary Satan, tried to stop the righteousness of Charles Russell from being used to guide us to this spiritual city of Jerusalem, when all sorts of controversies took over.  Claims were made that he used “masonic emblems” and he has been buried underneath a stone pyramid, also a masonic image. I would like to point out here that I did my own research on this and found very interesting things which I would like to share with you at a later time. But in defence of Charles Russell the main things he got wrong was the return of our lord, in my opinion.

Also, when one remembers he died in 1916 and there was still another 86 years left for the completion of the city build so there was still many years for developing the cities teachings. There were enough truths taught at that time to establish and make the group legal which was carried out in 1884.

Charles knew the religious groups on the earth today were wrong to put fences around them dividing one group of Christians from another group, such as the Catholic’s or the Church of England, Methodists, etc, because as it shows in 1st Corinthians chapter 1v10-18 where the apostle Paul says,

“I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment. For it has been reported to me by Chlo’e’s people that there is quarreling among you, my brethren. What I mean is that each one of you says, “I belong to Paul,” or “I belong to Apol’los,” or “I belong to Cephas,” or “I belong to Christ.”? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? I am thankful that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Ga’ius;  lest any one should say that you were baptized in my name. (I did baptize also the household of Steph’anas. Beyond that, I do not know whether I baptized any one else.) For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power”. RSV

So all those religions that had fences around them,dividing one group of Christians from another, such as Catholics, Methodists etc would certainly not make up the restored religious city that would be used in the building of this new spiritual city of Jerusalem.

Besides the name of this group, “bible students” belonging to Zion’s Watch Tower, which will guide people to heavenly or spiritual Jerusalem, what other signs did they give to show it is a city of spiritual values? Following the teachings of our lord Jesus and his apostles? Take a look at a few of the teachings with me.

Zion’s Tower Feb 1884.  OUR NAME. The early bible students did not approve of having fences around the groups of Christians but just to be called after the Christ, their founder and owner, CHRISTIANS. Just as the apostle Paul has already told us. Acts chapter 11v26 shows” and in Antioch the disciples were for the first time called Christians”. TRUE!

Zion’s May 1880.  THE SIGN OF HIS PRESENCE. To prepare ones for his return which the churches at that time were not doing. TRUE!

 Zion’s August 1881, October 1883. A Call to the Ministry. Who may preach?  Jesus shows it is only those whose names are written down in heaven that make up his body, his bride. Luke chapter 10v1-17, says, “After this Jesus appointed 70 others and sent them out,,, the 70 returned with joy,,, but Jesus said, rejoice that your names are written in heaven”. Again Zion’s Tower points out that to preach God’s word one would have to be sent out and have holy spirit. Ephesians chapter 4v11,12, “Some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers”. Not all with the same gifts of holy spirit. TRUE!

Zion’s September 1887. Explaining Acts 15v28. Showing no food or blood is forbidden or unclean to eat. This article also explains how the letter came about in Acts chapter 15 forbidding certain foods from the Mosaic laws, that, is was just to pacify the Pharisee converts because they were jealous of the gentiles receiving the same gifts from Jesus. We are NOT under any of the laws of Moses today as Christians, we come under the Christ as free people. TRUE!

images (11)      images (22)

These are just a few of the teachings from Zion’s Watch Tower which were accurate according to the teachings of Christ.

I believe this religious group fits all the right conditions stated in God’s word for it to represent the “spiritual city of Jerusalem” today. 

Just like our father oversaw his people in ancient Jerusalem, so too, today with this new spiritual city he has been overseeing the building work and when Charles Russell died in 1916, he left a will so that others whom he trusted would take over the main teaching work as new scribes to the new city temple, but, things did not work out this way. Our father had other plans in the making for the building up of the city.

So, after Charles Russell’s death another man took charge over the building work whose name was Joseph Rutherford. He was a horrid bombastic man and soon after he took over the helm, the city divided into two groups.

One group stayed with the teachings of Russell and remained bible students and the others went along with Rutherford as the elected president who changed all Russell’s teachings. The building work of the spiritual city of Jerusalem continued under Joseph Rutherford and became spiritual Judah, as in ancient Jerusalem. The break-a-way group that remained bible students will continue in the background as ancient Samaria did, until the last 7 years of the prophecy of the 490 years. When a remnant will be harvested, a separating of the sheep and the goats, kingdom seed, will be re-united with a remnant of kingdom seed from spiritual Judah, (now known as JWs) both harvested groups will be taken and prepared for their collection to join their Lord.. 

The big question is: ~ how was Joseph Rutherford able to change the bride’s husbandly owner from Jesus to Jehovah, becoming a harlot just like her two older sisters Judah and Samaria? 

This came about because Russell got involved with other religious groups that were springing up at that time who were all looking into “the second coming” of our lord, and he too got carried away with them who were predicting his return.

Russell predicted many dates for his return which did not materialise so the bride class fell asleep spiritually speaking and became sluggish not fully awake spiritually any more, so it was at that time Satan was able to sow his seeds amongst the kingdom seed and they will have to grow together until the harvest when the angels will harvest them. Matthew chapter 13v25. The remainder of the building up of spiritual Jerusalem went from Charles Russell to Joseph Rutherford and will remain with this group until the last 3 1/2  years of the 490 years.

This too reminds us of what happened to ancient Israel when Solomon’s son Rehoboam was provided for them, he was not liked by all the 12 tribes so it split the Israelite’s into two groups, when some did not approve of the king of Judah,  which was provided for them by God, we have covered this in the journal already. The same takes place now, in a parallel to ancient Israel, after Russell’s death, some stayed with spiritual Jerusalem (Judah) and the others left and remained as bible students under Russell’s teachings becoming the spiritual Samaritans. But sadly they stayed with the teachings of Russell and did not really progress any further into the truths of God’s word, like remaining in a time warp through a shortage of holy spirit and their new literature have proved they do not have the guidance but they will stay strong in their faith. 

Again this shows that our father was guiding the building work even to the dividing of God’s people after the death of Russell, just as they did in ancient times. Jeremiah chapter 31v31-35 shows “I will make a new covenant with the “house of Judah and the house of Israel” I will put my law within them and I will write them upon their hearts”. (Hebrews chapter 8v8-12, 10v16-17, ) This shows that the temple ones that make up our lord’s body in the latter days would be divided into two groups just as before with ancient Israel and some would be gathered or harvested from both groups, Jehovah’s witnesses and the bible students during the last 7 years of the prophecy of 490 years. 

But we are told in the latter days when the time is getting near for the coming of the messiah the man of lawlessness will be revealed and it says a “rebellion takes place and the man of lawlessness will be revealed”. The rebellion took place in 1931 at the same time of the revealing of the man of lawlessness who has proved to be “Jehovah” who is said to be sitting inside the temple or church of the city proclaiming to be God the almighty and will be worshipped as such. 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 shows he has been placed inside by the power of Satan.

There is only one religious group today that corresponds with all these points of details and they are Jehovah’s witnesses. I would like to add at this time, they ARE NOT GOD’S PEOPLE today as I shall reveal.

Joseph Rutherford changed all Charles Russell’s teaching in Zion’s Towers replacing them with his own “ideas” instead, not the teachings of our lord Jesus. The funny thing is, he kept all the wrong teachings that Russell collected from the other religious groups about the return of Christ and are still used today.

He insisted at the summer convention in 1931, that everyone in the church take on the name of Jehovah and become “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. He changed their husbandly owner from Jesus to Jehovah, hence the city became a harlot just like her two sisters prior to her, Jerusalem and Samaria, now, spiritual Jerusalem committed fornication too. 

download (1) download

By the end of 1931 the spiritual city had become so corrupt and apostate under its new president, Rutherford, the city was handed over to the angelic man of lawlessness mentioned by Paul in his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians chapter 2 whom Satan placed inside the temple claiming he was almighty God and the people in the city worshipped him as God. They took his name upon themselves calling themselves now, “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, placing a fence around them just as the bible and Russell said they should never have, so, instead of Jesus words in Acts chapter 1v6-9, where they were to be witnesses of our lord Jesus, Rutherford changed Jesus for Jehovah. Note too! The cross and the crown of our lord have also been removed. In fact they actually teach today Jesus did not even die on a cross, which is just how far they have strayed from the truth of God’s word.

       8551_900    9073_900

After changing all Russell’s teachings the original city was not recognised as such again. Instead of Zion’s Watch Tower preaching the kingdom of our lord Jesus Christ now the direction has changed to the Watchtower, announcing Jehovah’s kingdom instead.

He made everyone preach the good news about their god Jehovah, going against the very teachings of Jesus and Charles Russell in fact they even made everyone hand in a written record of their preaching to make sure they did this. Later, in the 60/70s it was declared that everyone must put at least 10 hours each month in the preaching work.FIELD SERVICEThey even brought in some of the laws of Moses, forbidding certain foods and blood. Which Peter was told tree times through the holy spirit in Acts chapter 10v11-17 that everything is now clean to eat and nothing is to be classed as “unclean”. http://biblebrain.livejournal.comBLOODRutherford even divided the people into two flocks of sheep, heavenly and earthly so that only certain ones were to partake of the memorial on the night Jesus was betrayed.   Jesus was very clear about this in John chapter 6 and 1st Corinthians 11, where he states “Do this in remembrance of me” and “Unless they eat of my flesh they have no life in them”. Paul made this very clear on his instructions from Jesus, DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME” this was a command from Jesus, so the taking of the emblems was to remember Jesus and what he did for us. Now Jehovah’s witnesses all pass the bread and the wine without eating it and saying NO! We will not eat this, we do not want to remember you Lord. We now serve jehovah instead.

Jehovah today pictures Nebuchadnezzar and the angelic prince of Babylon whom they were handed over to in 605 BC for 70 years, and the original founder of Babel, Nimrod whose mother wore headdresses of towers. (The book, The Two Babylon’s by Alexander Hislop, the two babylons referring to ancient babylon and spiritual babylon of the revelations to John) Now, again, for their lack of faith and rebellion they will be handed over in a parallel to that time of 605 BC, in 1931 CE to serve this Babylonian ruler Jehovah for 70 years until the messiah. (1931-2001) From 1931 he will be under certain restraints. 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2v7. So he will not be able to use his full power at this time.

Starting with the death of Charles Russell the spiritual city started to decay rapidly, it was not until 1931 that a full rebellion took place and the city then became “a sect” from spiritual Jerusalem. A sect is a breaking away from the original, which was “Zion’s Watch Tower” to the “watchtower announcing Jehovah’s kingdom”. This resulted in them being handed over to spiritual Babylon where in the revelations to the apostle John they were referred to as a “harlot Babylon the great”. Just as those before her in ancient Israel.

images (5)

Again, showing how our heavenly father is overseeing the building work, it is interesting as to why the sheep were divided into two flocks instead of the one flock under the one shepherd inside the spiritual city.

The answer is revealed in Revelation chapter 11 where it shows Jesus only going to the temple or church of the city and those worshipping there for the harvest. It explains the rest of the city had been handed over to the nations who in turn will destroy the city, interesting, because the sheep have been divided, this means only the temple ones will be worshipping Jesus on the night he was betrayed and eating and drinking of the emblems of his body which sets them apart from the city.

It is interesting because the records of Jehovah’s witnesses recording the number of people that took the emblems show a marked difference between 2002 and 2005. When the messiah made his inspection visit upon the temple seed, first the number of partakers went up, this indicates that some were not partaking when they should have been when they were visited.

Then by 2005 there was a great drop of 236 partakers before going right back up again under the angelic king of Babylon. In fact the number was even greater than 236 because many took the emblems in 2005 and left the city soon after. So the true number may not be fully known at this stage except there was a great drop of partakers in one month recorded alone from the house of Judah not counting those collected from the house of Samaria, made up of bible students still teachings the works of Russell.

It is also interesting too, because the “bible students”, IBSA do not take a record of partakers, because all those who have a heavenly hope partakes in order to remember Jesus so we have no way of knowing how many were harvested. 

Thus dividing the sheep into two groups proves yet again, only Jehovah’s witnesses fit this teaching.

This dramatic drop in one month accounts for the kingdom seed that were removed from the city before the city was handed over once again. (Rev 13) it is at this time after they had been removed to a place of safety (2005) a new covenant was made with the house of Judah and the house of Israel, now spiritual Judah and Israel. Under this new covenant with their God, he will write his laws upon their hearts and teach them through his holy spirit directly into their hearts. Jeremiah chapter 31v31. Hebrew chapter 8v8-12, 10v16-17. 1st John chapter 2v27, shows they will not need any man to teach them God’s word because they will all know his will through the holy spirit in their hearts.

This again is very interesting because it shows the new covenant will be made with both the house of Judah and the house of Israel again indicating the spiritual Israelites would be divided again in the very last days as they split after the death of Russell in 1916.

They will now resemble the apostle Paul who was taught in the same way. No more will they need to be taught by man. They have now been anointed and adopted as spirit sons and are awaiting their bridegroom to come and collect them.

It is of great interest here too, that when our lord revealed himself to the bride class, he appeared as a man and did not appear as a spirit to them, because it shows in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 9 that he comes as the messiah a “prince” and not as their king at that time to  collect them, he would have appeared to them just as he did to his apostles and others in the first century when he put on a different body each time.

Daniel tells us when the 70 years of their captivity end (1931-2001) the messiah would be here which corresponds to the end of the building work when by which time all the bride class would all have been brought in. We also know from Revelation chapter 11 he will visit the temple ones and reveal himself to his bride class and the separating of the sheep and goats takes place inside the temple, he will remove the scales from their eyes so that they will see the truth enabling them to flee out of the city of darkness now they will be taught the truth in their hearts. They will be told “to come out to meet him”. Out of the city which will account for the great drop of partakers in one month. 

Isaiah chapter 11v11 says “in that day the lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant which is left of his people”. The first release for his people was in 538 under Cyrus and now for the second time the release from Babylonian captivity will take place in 2002/5 by our lord Jesus.

It shows the two angels doing this very important teaching will be dressed in sack-cloth which indicates their message will be humble, very hard for the bride class to learn because all the time in the city they had believed they had the truth but now the angels are opening their eyes to the truth. They had been blinded to the truth of God’s word by Satan since 1931 especially. They will be removed from the city just like Lot and his family were prior to the destruction of Sodom.

 In fact Sodom is mentioned in the Revelations to the apostle John as an alternate name for “spiritual Jerusalem” where our lord was crucified. Chapter 11v7,8 also Egypt, this is interesting because these two cities are connected spiritually to Jerusalem. Showing the connection to the release of God’s people.

Sodom in Genesis 11 shows the two angels going to the city to release the righteous before the city is handed over for destruction. In the parallel to this, Revelation 11 shows the two angels going to the chosen ones, the temple, inside the city to take them out of the city before handing it over to destruction.

The second parallel is for Egypt, where it shows in Exodus, Moses being sent to free Gods people who were being held captives, whom in Hosea chapter 11v1 is called “God’s son”. The parallel being today, the greater prophet Jesus being sent to the temple as the “lamb of God” to purchase the firstborn with his blood. The first Passover saved the lives of the firstborn of Israel with the blood of the lamb in Egypt now the firstborn those that make up the body of our lord are saved through his blood..

2nd Thessalonians chapter 2v8, shows when Jesus comes he will slay the man of lawlessness Jehovah, with the sword coming from his mouth, the holy spirit.images (11)This will take place at the beginning of the last seven years, getting him out of the way for our lord to harvest the kingdom seed. This harvesting work encourages Satan to wage war with the righteous angels. Revelation chapter 12v7-12. Then, when Satan loses the war with Michael and is hurled down to the earth, he brings the lawless one, Jehovah, back from the abyss.

The city will then be handed over to the Newly appointed angelic king of Babylon Jehovah in 2005/6 whom Satan brings up out of the abyss when he loses the war with Michael he hands over the reigns of the earth to this angelic one making him the king over everything and everyone. (Revelation chapter 13) for 42 months.

Now, this newly appointed king of Babylon will no longer be under any restraints like he was during those 70 years from 1931-2001so he will wage war upon the angels that came down with our lord Jesus, even killing some of them. it is at this time he stops all sacrifices going to our lord from the temple and our lord returns to his father. (Revelation chapter 11v7-12.

The symbolic spiritual city will come to an end NOT as it stared out prior to 1916 CE as “spiritual Jerusalem” but as the “harlot Babylon the great”, at the end of the 70 weeks of years, 2009. download (2)

It will come to an end when the stone, smashes the feet of all the angelic kingdoms over the earth, destroying them all together as Daniel chapter 2, as the spiritual city was handed over to spiritual Babylon in 1931 it never regained it’s spiritual sight again.

  harlot 1They are now referred to in the Revelations to the apostle John as being the “greater Babylon” founded by Nimrod whose mother wore a headdress of towers. He built a city with a tower with its top in the heavens, just like this spiritual city of greater Babylon today with the queen being Jehovah’s witnesses. They have built this symbolic city up from 1931 with the tower for their worship.

worship 2

They taught for over 100 years the temple anointed ones who took the emblems, were the faithful and discreet slave who fed the rest of the city spiritual food. But they have now changed that to say they have NO special insight whatsoever and only the “governing body” have the right to give them spiritual food. They do this by providing a “study watchtower” which has been placed INSIDE the temple and everyone MUST listen and obey this image. Anyone not obeying this image will be disfellowshipped, kicked out.
9326_900This reminds us of the time when the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar made a golden image and instructed that when the music played, everyone must bow down in honour and worship to this image. Now, the new spiritual Babylon has done likewise. Even going further by having the apostate bible of Jehovah at the foot of the study tower of babel showing he approves of its teachings. 

Do not be deceived Jehovah’s witnesses today are a very evil sect who, not only are blood-guilty before our lord because of their man made laws on the refusal of blood but they harbour paedophiles and are a place of demons and a haunt of foul spirits, and that is recorded in God’s word. Especially where ones are told “get out from amongst them MY PEOPLE” as their sins go high into the heavens. (Revelation chapter 18v4)

We are told by the apostle Paul in his 1st letter to the Corinthians chapter 5v11-13, “not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of immorality… drive out the wicked one from among you”. This admonition could not be any clearer on paedophiles within the city.  

Our heavenly father has tried to help them inside the evil city to see the truth,  but the people do not see the truth because they have been blinded by satan. In their “aid to understanding book” page 884 it explains the name jehovah is NOT God’s name, and before the 12th century the name did not exist, but they still teach it is God’s  name.

Also the Creation book of 1927 by Joseph Rutherford shows a picture of great disgust, demoralising our lord Jesus to the depths of disrespect and humiliation on the cross. Judge for yourselves.

CreationbyJudgeRutherford PAGE 265.91a10

                           Naked men in the background sexually explicit.

It also shows in Daniel chapter 9, the people of the prince to come, will destroy the city. The prince to come is “Jehovah” and his people are Jehovah’s witnesses that are today under the “governing body” who control them, so have they destroyed the city? Yes! they most certainly have. They have sold all the properties belonging to the people just as they did in Spain. 

They use the laws to suit themselves where they insist that two or three people must witness the paedophile’s actions in order to counsel them, (as if they are going to have people watch them) whereas they have three witness bearers of the holy spirit stating nothing is unclean today, (Acts chapter 10v11-17) but they ignore these statements of the holy spirit, and insist certain foods and blood is unclean. They even state it is God’s command NOT TO EAT certain foods, and NOT TO HAVE BLOOD!

We must remember the bible is a book or record of “God’s people” and where it shows in the revelations about Babylon the great it is in fact talking about God’s people who were handed over in 1931, spiritual Jerusalem becoming spiritual Babylon. That is why the sound of bridegroom and bride is not heard in her again, it was only heard in Jerusalem, then spiritual Jerusalem.WT 3Daniel shows the end of the 70 weeks of years, 490 years, is “to the anointing of a holy one”. It is at this time when the angelic king’s reign ends over the earth, that our lord returns to take control of the earth and its heavens. Then the stone which represents our lords kingdom will smash the feet of all the angelic rulers in 2009 sparking a greater war amongst the angels, the household of God, which is depicted by Daniel in chapter 2 and chapters 10,11 and the stone, which represents our lord’s kingdom will become a great mountain and fill the earth in a righteous kingdom government under our lord Jesus.

download (4)But before the stone becomes a great mountain and fill the earth with the kingdom of the Christ, the rebellious angels will be gathered together to wage war upon our lord at the place designated for battle, at Armageddon where we are told they will all be killed. Sadly the angels are very powerful and will cause a tribulation upon mankind for a period of time, but we must be strong and have faith in our heavenly father and our lord Jesus.

images (12)

The New heavens begin with the setting up of the new kingdom over the earth under our lord Jesus and his woman of helpers and this will in turn produce a new earth where we are promised “we shall not learn war anymore”. “Our father in the heavens, let your kingdom come, let your will take place over the earth”. 


     images (7)                                         CHARLES   RUSSELL. 

There has been a great deal of controversies about this righteous man, whether he was a “freemason” or not, or whether he had been using “Masonic images” in Zion’s Towers.

We know the father of lies is Satan and he is also our Lord’s rival, adversary, so is he can spread lies about this righteous man to stop people being guided to spiritual Jerusalem.

A lot of people would rather listen to gossip instead of doing a little research themselves. I hope you will check this info out and see what a righteous man Charles Russell really was.

images (10)         8551_900

This to me just symbolises Jesus Christ as our king. The kingdom of the Christ. But many people have added to that simple thought with ideas of freemasonry.

                                   As for the pyramid,

_59048775_onedollar_thinkstockThis was a religious symbol that was used in America around the time and was known as “the all seeing eye” of God. This one is printed on the one dollar note so if the symbol is supposed to be private and sacred to freemasonry, why would it be displayed in this way openly and publicly for everyone to question?

As for this pyramid being built up over the grave of Charles Russell, this too is false. If we look at the last will of Russell about his burial we shall see no mention of this headstone being erected, in fact his burial was totally different.

This is a part of his last will and testament.


I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren, as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so.

He was buried in the “Societies Cemetery” where all the bible students were also buried. Charles Russell died and was buried in 1916 with his own headstone erected.

3  C_ T_ Russell's grave


The stone pyramid was not erected until 1921, five years after his death. And not even in the same place as these pictures show.

images (9)

The pyramid marker was used as a marker for all (275) of the Watchtower Society burial plots in the Cemetery, nothing more. People visiting the Cemetery could look for the pyramid marker to locate the (275) burial plots. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not revere burial places, but some desire to visit the Watch Tower Society’s burial plot where C. T. Russell was buried.


As everyone can see Charles Russell’s grave is not under the pyramid, in fact, it is quite a way from it.

images (8)

Yes! This was erected as a memorial to all those buried in the cemetery, all 275. Including Charles Russell.

So what of the false claims of Russell being a freemason? Just because he used the same symbols as everyone else in the USA at that time. Which included the One Dollar Bill.

_59048775_onedollar_thinkstockThe Masonic Temple is not even on the cemetery grounds, it is a different property altogether. In fact, the Rosemont United Cemetery was never a Masonic cemetery.

Yes! There is evidence that the first president of the USA, George Washington, was a freemason as this picture shows.

220px-Washington_Masonic_printPrint from 1870 portraying   George Washington as Master of his lodge.     George Washington was the first president in the USA.

 4th Mar 2012 – BBC News website readers were invited to put their questions about Freemasonry to Nigel Brown, grand secretary of the United Grand Lodge of …  Freemasons: Your questions answered – BBC News 


download (1)                                               Nigel Brown: 

Organised Freemasonry, as we understand it today, began with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 – hence our tercentenary celebrations in 2017. While not directly linked, we have taken a lot of our symbolism from stonemasonry. As with stonemasonry, Freemasonry is about moving from level to level as you gain further knowledge and experience, starting with being an apprentice.

Q 1.  What does the one-eyed symbol on their flags signify?

 Nigel Brown: The symbol you are referring to is known as the All Seeing Eye. It is a reminder of the existence of a higher being.

_59048775_onedollar_thinkstockNothing more or nothing less, Mr brown does not emphasise it is a Masonic symbol, quite simply because it is not a secret at all.              

Can you really imagine he will tell anyone what is secret to his organisation?

In fact it is interesting that it was Joseph Rutherford who told his people the pyramid symbol was based upon Satan, knowing none of his people would question this or look into the truth if they were told it had satanic ties.

Judge J. F. Rutherford, who succeeded Russell after Russell died in 1916, eventually discarded Pyramidology entirely. Writing in the November 15 and December 1, 1928, issues of The Watch Tower, Rutherford releases a double-barreled blast against it, and advances many ingenious arguments that the so-called Altar in Egypt was really inspired by Satan for the purpose of misleading the faithful. Did Jesus ever mention the Pyramid? Of course not. To study it, the Judge writes, is a waste of time and indicates lack of faith in the all-sufficiency of the Bible. Regardless of what some anti-JW fault-finders might say, the current Watchtower Society rejected all teachings on the Great Pyramid in 1928. For this reason, most Jehovah’s Witnesses (1931 – 2011) know nothing about it. However, many (not all) of the current Bible Students still teach this “Bible in Stone”  dogma. Quoted from

Just another dig of jealousy towards such a righteous man Charles Russell. He certainly could not compete against this honest and truthful man so he set out to discredit him as much as he could by destroying all his teachings and replacing them with his own and by saying the pyramid was satanic people would believe him.

Of course there are many articles in Zion’s Tower against Freemasonry if one would like to read them.

Pastor Russell had this to say about the Freemasons: “We note also that the Order of Free Masons, if judged by its past history, has some secret object or scheme, more than fraternity and financial aid in time of sickness or death. And, so far as we can judge, there is a certain amount of worship or mummery connected with the rites of this order and some others, which the members do not comprehend, but which, in many cases, serves to satisfy the cravings of the natural mind for worship, and thus hinders it from seeking the worship of God in spirit and in truth—through Christ, the only appointed Mediator and Grand Master. In proportion as such societies consume valuable time in foolish, senseless rites and ceremonies, and in substituting the worship of their officers, and the use of words and symbols which have no meaning to them, for the worship of God, in his appointed way—through Christ, and according to knowledge and the spirit of a sound mind—in that proportion these societies are grievous evils, regardless of the financial gains or losses connected with membership in them.” — June, 1895, Zion’s Watch Tower, page 143

“This brings before us the whole question of orders, societies, etc., and what privileges the New Creation has in connection with such organizations. Is it right for them to be members of these societies? We answer that while Church associations are purely religious, and labor and beneficial organizations in general are purely secular, there are still other orders which combine the religious and the secular features. As we understand the matter, for instance, the Free Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, etc., perform certain rites and ceremonies of a religious kind… We place upon one level all of those who have any religious ceremonies, teachings, etc., and consider them all as parts of Babylon … We admonish the New Creation to have nothing whatever to do with any of these semi-religious societies, clubs, orders, churches; but to “Come out from amongst them, and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing.” (`2 Cor. 6:17`)” —1904; “The New Creation”, pp. 580-581

Pastor Russell’s true headstone as seen in 2010: Charles Taze Russell said that he was not a Mason. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bible Students, the Masons, and even ex-JW researchers have all said that Russell was not a Mason. So why do some anti-Watchtower antagonists still teach this falsehood? The answer is simple, because this is what they must do. They need to fabricate stories about others to try and justify their own self worth. After all, how hard can it be to attack a dead man, how sad. With over 200 posts on this site covering a number of subjects, this story about Charles Taze Russell and the Masons is always the most read post on this blog, I wonder why? Could it be that some people just love a good story? Even if it is based on a total fallacy!

Pastor Russell’s true grave as seen in 1916:  The sudden death of Pastor Charles Taze Russell, Editor of THE WATCH TOWER, has created a profound impression upon his many friends throughout the world. Hundreds of letters and telegrams received, further evidence the love and esteem in which he was held, and express unqualified desire to cooperate in continuing the great cause for which he stood so many years. Brother Russell left Brooklyn in the evening of October 16, to fill appointments in the West and Southwest, but was obliged to start homeward before his scheduled time, owing to ill health. It was on a Sante Fe train at Pampa, Tex., that he died. Brother Menta Sturgeon, who accompanied him on the trip as his Secretary, telegraphed the information to the headquarters of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY at Brooklyn, adding that “he died a hero.” The body lay in state at Bethel Home Saturday, and at The Temple throughout the day Sunday. In the afternoon at the hour of 2, funeral service was held for the congregation, and in the evening a service was conducted for the public. At about midnight the body was taken to Allegheny, Pa., where in the Carnegie Hall, at 2 in the afternoon of Monday, service was held by the Pittsburgh congregation, of which he had been resident Pastor for many years. Interment took place in Rosemont United Cemeteries at Allegheny, in the Bethel Family plot, according to his request. We rejoice to know that instead of sleeping in death, as the saints of old, he is numbered among those whose “works follow with him.” He has met the dear Lord in the air, whom he so loved as to lay down his life faithfully in His service. – November 15, 1916 Watchtower, WTB&TS.  
Also Published by the WTB&TS in the December 1, 1916 Watchtower. A testament to Charles Russell.

I hope you will research these claims for yourselves to see what an upright righteous man he really was. I have also noticed the ones that broke away after the death of Charles Russell who stayed with his teachings for awhile, left them eventually to make their own teachings too the same as Joseph Rutherford and today a great deal of their teachings are wrong compared to the bible teachings.

The pyramid memorial is at the corner of the societies cemetery and not directly near any of the actual graves.


Because of all the false claims about Charles Russell having been a freemason, a member of the bethel team made enquiries to the “free masons” themselves and this was the reply from them.

No, Charles Taze Russell was not a Pennsylvanian freemason! 

Back in 2001, I requested historical information from the ancient accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry, Vally of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, asking if Charles Taze Russell, his father, Joseph Lytel Russell, and his uncle, Charles Tays Russell, were Freemasons. This is the answer I received in a letter: 

“After a search of our records, we determined that the three Russell’s were not members of our organization”.

In their letter, the Pittsburgh Chapter recommended that I send an inquiry asking for further research on this question to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia, which I did. On April 27, 2001, I received this reply: The record books in the grand secretary’s office are unavailable at this time as they are being conserved and should be back some time in the fall”.

Inasmuch as I was very involved with other, more pressing, things then, I did not follow-up and eventually my desire for resolution of this question faded out of my mind. That is, until today, when I saw that this subject has not been resolved to the satisfaction of some posters, so I sent a follow-up email to the Masonic Temple, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Just a few minutes ago, I received this reply:

Dear Ms Anderson.

Charles Taze Russell was not a Pennsylvania Freemason. Nor does he appear in the records of England or Ireland.

I shall check the records for the other two Russells.


Glenys A. Waldman, Librarian.
If and when I receive the answer from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania about the other two Russells, I will post it.

In any event, I would hope that this answer from a search of the original records will forever put this issue to rest that Charles Taze Russell was never a Pennslyvania Freemason. 

Barbara Anderson was a loyal member of the bethel family and you can read more about her in her web journal.

Barbara Anderson. 

Maybe now this subject can be put to rest at last.


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