bible-21  GOD’S WORD   IS TRUTH!

The Israelite’s became known as “Jews” in later years and have a long history of going against their God who rescued them from slavery in Egypt.

It was not long after they were taken miraculously across the Red Sea on dry land that they started to rebel. Exodus chapter 14v 21, 28, shows how Moses was told to stretch out his hand over the sea and the waters parted for them to cross and after they crossed over, the waters returned and covered the chasing armies of Pharaoh and they all died.nativity 9 They complained to Moses repeatedly how they were better off in Egypt, even as slaves. They had good food and meat to eat and they requested many times for them to return. Numbers chapter 20v 4-14 (Deuteronomy 32v48) shows how their complaining became too much for Moses to bare so he loses his temper with them and loses his right to enter the promised land.moses After their continual complaining that the water was bitter, Moses struck the rock in anger but he did not give the glory to God, hence, he lost the chance to enter the promised land and instead he was taken up onto the mountain to view the wonderful land from afar.moses from afar Each time they complained they were disciplined but this made no difference to their attitude, so we have Moses account recorded in Numbers chapter 21v5-10 how their God sent serpents to bite the people to bring them to their senses, then they repented a little. Moses was instructed to make a copper serpent and suspend it high upon a tree so that when the people were bitten they would look at the serpent and be saved by putting faith in their God to save them.copperThis was something Jesus referred to in John chapter 3v14 and 8v28 and 12v32, he likened himself to that fiery copper serpent in the wilderness that saved the Israelites from death. He said “As Moses lifted up the copper serpent in the wilderness, so must this son of man be lifted up that whoever believes in him may have eternal life”. Where, today we see Jesus lifted up high upon the cross we can look upon him and put faith in him and have eternal life.lifted up

                                         WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT.

It seemed good in theory to have a people representing God’s kingdom upon the earth amongst the whole world being under the angelic gentile princes, it would have been a wonderful spectacle for his angelic creation to see the difference between the nations. Those under a righteous rule compared to everyone else.

 But sadly in practise it did not work out that way. The Jews rebelled all the time and wanted to be like the other nations having their own visible king. So our God provided them with a king, after first explaining to them the duties of having a king over them and how they would suffer many restrictions and hardship but they were a stubborn people and would not listen. (1st Samuel 8v4-19)

 1st Samuel 9v15-10v1 shows the anointing of Saul God’s chosen one to govern Israel. (12v1-5) (15v1) The Jews proved to be a great disappointment to our God from the very beginning of their being saved from Egypt and eventually in 605 BC they were handed over to the Babylonians, king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came with his armies and took the city of Jerusalem captive. He installed a new king in Jerusalem, Zedekiah who was 21 years old at the time and he ruled for 11 years then he too rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar. (2nd Chronicles 36v9-15)

 Again, the Jews were told that if they rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar he would come and destroy the temple and the city, but true to form, they did rebel and Nebuchadnezzar did return in 586 BC and completely destroyed the temple and the city. He took everyone captive to Babylon where they stayed for 70 years.

 So after the city was taken they had to serve the king of Babylon 70 years. 605-538 released by Cyrus.

After the destruction of Jerusalem, the land would remain desolate for 70 years. 586-516. (2nd chronicles 36v17-21)

 Ezra shows the return to Jerusalem 3v6-9 the temple was finished and dedicated in 516 BC Ezra 6v14-16. After lying desolate for 70 years.

 Jerusalem’s destruction was very severe, it was a long drawn out battle and Jeremiah account in chapter 19v3-15, 20v1-7, shows the people were starved and actually ate their own children in order to survive.

 God’s kingdom on the earth ended when he handed his rebellious people over to the Babylonians in 605 BC. Although the city of Jerusalem and the temple was re-built the people still remained under the angelic and the earthly gentile nations. This was emphasised by the remark made to Jesus by his apostles recorded in the Acts of the apostles chapter 1v6 “Lord are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel”.

 Under the laws of the Jews, they were promised that a messiah would be sent to them to free them from the law as Matthew chapter 5v17 shows. He would fulfil, complete the law. It shows also how his birth was acknowledged by others who travelled looking for him. Matthew chapter 2v1-17. They asked “where is the one born the king of the Jews”?  

When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding upon an ass as the kings of Jerusalem presented themselves he was accepted as their king by the crowds that greeted him as shown in John chapter 12 v 12-20, he was acknowledged as the promised Messiah but, when the scribes and the Pharisees gathered together while he was being tried and they all said “we have no king but Caesar” again denying God’s son and his kingdom. John chapter 19 v 12-22.

God’s people will stay under the Gentile Nations until God’s kingdom under Jesus Christ is set up over the whole of the earth where Jesus taught his people to pray “let your kingdom come Let your kingdom come and let your will take place over the earth”.

                             AMEN. COME LORD JESUS!


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